Transforming Healthcare with Trisotech: Seamless Interoperability for Exceptional Care

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Trisotech is committed to empowering healthcare organizations to achieve seamless interoperability, orchestrate integrated care delivery, and embrace the future of healthcare with confidence.

Trisotech redefines healthcare innovation with our Digital Enterprise Suite, streamlining interoperability, and crafting exceptional patient experiences. We harness the power of open standards such as FHIR and BPM+ to provide cutting-edge visual modeling to enhance evidence-based clinical practices.

Healthcare Interoperability Healthcare Interoperability
Care Orchestration Care Orchestration
Prior Authorization Automation Prior Authorization Automation
Chronic Care Management Chronic Care Management
Patient Triage Management Patient Triage Management
Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Automation Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Automation
Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

The Healthcare Feature Set (HFS)

To bolster healthcare interoperability, the Digital Enterprise Suite (DES) is augmented with the Healthcare Feature Set (HFS), an array of specialized features including support for data interoperability. These enable a healthcare organization to seamlessly model and automate its decision-making and workflows.

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How can Trisotech help me?

For the Healthcare Administrator

Embrace a system that intuitively supports your value-based care model while elevating the overall quality of healthcare services provided.

  • Make informed decisions with comprehensive data at your disposal, harnessing the power of healthcare interoperability to lead your organization into a new era of patient care.
  • Control costs by eliminating inefficiencies and reducing staffing needs.
For the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO)

Integration of sharable clinical pathways with dynamic clinical decision support empowers clinicians to deliver precise, best-practice care, improving outcomes and reimagining healthcare’s future.

  • Orchestrate and automate clinical pathways, ensuring that best practices are followed.
  • Implement clinical workflows that drive efficiency and uphold the highest levels of care quality.
For the Healthcare Solution Architect

Crafting a sophisticated healthcare IT infrastructure is pivotal. Your architectural blueprint needs to facilitate effective interoperability, scalability, and flexibility.

  • Create an adaptive healthcare IT solution, orchestrating clinical activities along with APIs, CQL and AI/ML technologies.
  • Leverage a modern API first, containerized microservice platform.
For the Healthcare Product Manager

Deliver innovative and effective healthcare products that optimize patient journeys, enhance care collaboration, and improve healthcare provider and payer interactions while leveraging industry standards.

  • Shorten the product development lifecycle from ideation to launch using a low code healthcare orchestration platform.
  • Establish and maintain market leadership while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Why Trisotech is Your Trusted Partner in Healthcare Innovation

Trisotech has an unwavering dedication to driving healthcare forward. Our active role in BPM+ Health, HL7, and FHIRBall, ensures that Healthcare orchestration platform is at the forefront of technological and regulatory compliance.

Healthcare Standards and Interoperability

Trisotech facilitates a standardized and integrated healthcare IT ecosystem where data flows seamlessly from one layer to another, enhancing capabilities to deliver Intelligent Healthcare Automation.

Healthcare Standards and Interoperability

Trisotech Seamlessly Orchestrating Healthcare

The Trisotech platform orchestrates clinical workflows and decisions, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructures. While using the FHIR standard for data exchange is preferred due to its advantages in interoperability, it’s not a strict requirement. Other methods of data integration and exchange are also acceptable.

Trisotech Seamlessly Orchestrating Healthcare

Join the ranks of the premier healthcare provider, payer, and pharmaceutical organizations who trust Trisotech Healthcare Orchestration Platform to deliver unified, patient-centric care. Partner with us and experience the future of healthcare delivered today.


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