Improve efficiency and quality of clinical health care.

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Innovating Healthcare

Healthcare providers and payers can accelerate innovation, help patients take control of their own health, and improve efficiency and quality of the healthcare journey with a better oversight on the flow of care and the related data.

Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite delivers a consolidated view of interactions and multiple touchpoints with patients to improve the patient experience. Leveraging open standards like FHIR, CQL, and CDS Hooks combined with modeling notations BPMN, CMMN and DMN, the Digital Enterprise Suite provides the ability to easily define, deploy and maintain improved evidence-based clinical practices. By combining graphically created sharable clinical pathways with integrated clinical decision support, clinicians can improve precision and compliance with best practices, resulting in better implementations and quality of care.

Healthcare Feature Set

Healthcare Feature Set is an option of the Digital Enterprise Suite

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COVID-19 Virus 3D model
COVID‑19 Clinical Pathways
COVID‑19 Clinical Pathways
Get instant access to free applications and to models used to create sharable clinical pathways for COVID‑19 management.
Get instant access to free applications and to models used to create sharable clinical pathways for COVID‑19 management.

Trisotech, Proud Founding Member of BPM+ Health


In cooperation with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Trisotech initiated the concertation the that led to the creation of this innovative community of practice. BPM+ Health is a community initiative to improve the quality and consistency of healthcare delivery. It aims to achieve this by applying business process modeling standards to clinical best practices, care pathways and workflows directly at the point of care.

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A Collection of BPM+ Models for Clinical Decision Support

As a founding member of the BPM+ Health community of practice, Trisotech has developed a wide range of evidence-based models for Clinical Decision Support. To date, we have developed more than 800 models in over 90 clinical categories, available for an organization to review and implement. This library of ready to use decision and course of action models is accessible by healthcare providers and payors alike to innovate and improve their operations. This approach accelerates digital transformation with simple, automation-ready models deployable using API endpoints. To get a personalized demo, make a request.

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Implemented intelligent interfaces for clinical decision support
Implemented decisions for insurance policies
Modeled shareable clinical pathways deployable on any platform
Captured and improved clinical pathways
Captured and automated medical pre-authorization
Improved processes for long term care (geriatrics)
Captured clinical guidelines

Get better implementations and quality of care.


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