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What is FHIRBall?

As a proud adopter of FHIR® — the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources from HL7® — Trisotech is also honored to be part of FHIRBall, the thriving FHIR Business Alliance.

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FHIRBall unites global companies, including Trisotech, that recognize FHIR’s streamlining impact on the health IT landscape. The FHIR led digital transformation is propelling advancements in healthcare by championing true interoperability, bolstered by secure and efficient APIs. FHIRBall mission is to amplify FHIR expertise, champion healthcare interoperability, and pave the way for a global healthcare ecosystem that is more accessible, affordable, secure, and efficient.

At Trisotech, we merge the potential of FHIR with the agility of Low-Code Decision and Workflow Orchestration. The result is innovation that is reshaping the healthcare landscape. Our recognizable clientele spans international and U.S. acute care hospitals, leading healthcare insurance providers, distinguished teaching hospitals, and prominent healthcare professional organizations. With our unique approach of integrating FHIR support through Low-Code application development, we are enabling our clients to save lives, reduce costs, and transform the way digital applications are utilized in clinical pathways.

Leveraging FHIRBall Core Values with Trisotech

At Trisotech, we understand the magic that unfolds when visionary developers, innovative tool providers, and passionate entities come together. This synergy not only “lifts all boats” but also accentuates the global march towards standardization and interoperability in healthcare. We are proud to stand alongside our FHIRBall peers, showcasing our collective efforts at global conferences and tradeshows, all under the radiating FHIRBall banner.

Diving into the core values that shape Trisotech alliance with FHIRBall:


Empowerment through Data: We firmly believe that healthcare data is the rightful property of patients and care providers, not just vendor’s asset.


Patient Centricity: Our priority? Patients and healthcare providers. We ensure their needs are met with safe and standardized APIs.


Freedom from Vendor Constraints: Open and standardized APIs are our choice, ensuring data accessibility free from vendor monopolies.


Openness at its Best: We are strong supporters of open standards, open-source initiatives, and fostering vibrant open communities.


Contributing to Global Standards: Our active contributions to the FHIR standard, coupled with our unwavering support to its community, aim to elevate healthcare IT standards worldwide.


Empowering Developers: By offering accessible platforms, events, training, and developer-centric products, we’re nurturing a FHIR-focused developer community.


Driving Change with Interoperability: Our solutions, rooted in open standard FHIR APIs, are not just interoperable but are at the forefront of healthcare transformation.

Additionally, Trisotech takes pride in being a founding member of the BPM+ Healthcare community of practice, a dedicated open ecosystem striving to enhance healthcare on both national and international scales. Join us as we pave the way for a brighter, more interconnected healthcare future.

Trisotech Healthcare Feature Set

Step into a world where technology and healthcare converge seamlessly. Trisotech is your gateway to state-of-the-art clinical applications. Designed with international standards in mind, our platform promotes shareable, reusable components, all crafted within a Low-Code development environment. Witness the magic of sophisticated decision and process modeling, FHIR standard support, and orchestrated services enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

But what makes our decision and workflow orchestration truly stand out is its sheer simplicity and clarity, tailored to resonate with physicians, SMEs, and developers alike.

Trisotech healthcare-specific extensions, the Healthcare Feature Set (HFS) offer features and functions that allow healthcare organizations to model and automate their decisions and workflows. Gain unparalleled access to FHIR®, CDS Hooks™, and SMART™ on FHIR. Transform your operations with AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities. As an added value, users have access to a comprehensive learning package centered on automating Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) using BPM+ best practices. Overall, the Healthcare Feature Set simplifies the adoption and application of contemporary interoperability standards in healthcare technology. It presents these in an intuitive format, ensuring compatibility with pre-existing software systems across various healthcare environments.

Experience the Power of FHIR Interoperability in Action

Trisotech is proving interoperability works at clients like Intermountain Health. Intermountain Health’s real-time, FHIR-enabled platform is truly interoperable; it can be used with the major vendors of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and it allows clinicians to securely read from and write directly to the medical record in real-time. It does this by operating outside of the EHRs and using FHIR. Intermountain Health (IH) uses three primary EHR systems, Cerner, Epic and Allscripts, and to standardize the interoperability platform data format Intermountain Health chose to use the FHIR R4 standard for data access. This required making use of the EHR vendors’ hybrid FHIR interface as well as creating IH FHIR servers and gateways. IH also integrated their Universal Master Patient Index (UMPI) across all EHRs, implemented SMART Security, and tuned the systems to deliver response times similar to the native EHR systems. You can read the full Intermountain Health Case Study here.

HL7®, and FHIR® are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International and the use of these trademarks does not constitute an endorsement by HL7. CDS Hooks™, the CDS Hooks logos, SMART™ and the SMART logos are trademarks of The Children’s Medical Center Corporation. BPM+ Health™ is a trademark of Object Management Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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