Release Notes

Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 24, 2021 (Version: 10.4.5)
Bug fixes:
  • It was not possible to undo the change of type for a start with a trigger definition.
  • After the import of a DMN 1.2 model from an XML definition, re-exporting that model to DMN 1.2 could change the FEEL namespace to match the DMN 1.3 FEEL Namespace.
  • Undoing the renaming of a shape while displaying an alternative language could result in the alternative language overwriting the main language for that element.
  • Script tasks FEEL autocompletion could incorrectly omit certain mapped variables from the inner data input.
  • The link to get more detail on FEEL expression was not pointing to the correct URL.
  • Data associations could be incorrectly deleted when deleting a corresponding inner data input.
  • Some execution environment could be hidden to administrators.
  • Digital Distributed Containers now properly prefix the Docker-Content-Digest header to support Docker Client versions > 20.
  • Multi-instance FEEL script tasks data mapping could incorrectly not give access to input data associations values.
  • A UI error was preventing group rights setting for execution environments.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 20, 2021 (Version: 10.4.4)
New and improved features:
  • The CDS Hook Sandbox now allows the usage of FHIR server requiring basic HTTP Authentication.
  • Selecting patients in the CDS Hook Sandbox patient browser can now be done using a single click.
  • The CDS Hook Sandbox patient browser now display attachments on FHIR elements.
Bug fixes:
  • The Try It button from the Service Library could encode binary file in the wrong structure that prevented accessors (name, extension, size, type, …) from being used in certain FEEL expression used in data mapping.
  • The OAuth 1 authorization flow would fail for establishing new Twitter identities.
  • The CDS Hook Sandbox patient browser now properly refresh when changing FHIR Server.
  • Inviting users to a group could cause duplicate entries.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 13, 2021 (Version: 10.4.3)
Bug fixes:
  • The Case Modeler did not properly export the decisionRef/processRef/caseRef pointing to decisionTask/processTask/caseTask when exporting to CMMN XML when subscribing to the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • The generation of the Open API specification could fail in rare occurrences of Wofklow services.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 9, 2021 (Version: 10.4.2)
Bug fixes:
  • Some modeling products would not properly load on some version of Internet Explorer 11.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 4, 2021 (Version: 10.4.1)
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a proper copy of certain elements in the Workflow Modeler.
  • PATCH Operations are now properly imported from Open API files.
  • The now() FEEL function could generate an invalid date and type string in the API.
  • The Try it form XML, JSON, Excel and PDF modes were not properly uploading the information to the automation API.
  • The Try it form XML template download incorrectly downloaded the JSON template.
  • The import an invalid BPMN model with certain specific characteristics around data associations would fail.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 1, 2021 (Version: 10.4.0)
New and improved features:
  • When entering a definition or a note on an element, it is now possible to reuse terms using the _ character in a similar fashion that you would use the @ character to mention someone on comments and issues.
  • The collection marker of Data Objects is now synchronized with the defined data type (if one is defined).
  • When assigning a message to an event, its data input or output (depending if throwing or catching) will be read-only and based on that message name and data type.
  • When assigning a data type to messages, errors, escalation and signals event, we now favor reusing existing message, error, escalation or signal instead of always creating new ones.
  • The Import from Graph button was renamed Reuse from Graph.
  • It is now possible to use the Digital Enterprise Suite users and groups as performers in the Case Modeler.
  • The XML version of the REST endpoint of services automation will now output an additional xsi:type attribute for complex objects.
Bug fixes:
  • When testing a model, under some condition, the time widget would always send the value null to the service instead of the entered time.
  • Message events (start/intermediate/boundary) would consider only one output data mapping.
  • Process using the data type year and months duration could fail to execute correctly and report an error if it needed to wait for external events (message, human interaction, …).
  • It was not possible in the Cloud Execution to view the called process details of process without instance tags.
  • When publishing a process, some referenced models that were not required for execution could be sent to the automation engine.
  • In a rare occasion, a case model could be generated with duplicated sentry ids.
  • Sometimes the term description overlay stayed visible after losing focus in the business rule view.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon January 19, 2021 (Version: 10.3.5)
Bug fixes:
  • SECURITY ISSUE. Under certain conditions, automation API endpoints could be used without a proper OAuth token containing the relevant automation grants.
  • Automatic layout of CMMN models could layout more than one case per diagram over each other.
  • For certain models including CQL or PMML models, the documentation export would fail.
  • Extensions on messages and specific types of formal expression could cause an invalid BPMN XML export.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon January 13, 2021 (Version: 10.3.4)
Bug fixes:
  • In rare cases, adding or removing a user from a group could incorrectly generate an error message.
  • The DMN 1.1 export could use the incorrect FEEL namespace for some models.
  • Read only data type with an element of type Any would incorrectly display the selector for a new type.
  • The delete button for rows of a read-only data type was displayed but had no effect.
  • The data output mapping literal expression context did not autocomplete the extended FEEL functions such as today and now.
  • The data type selector was not always properly visible in the message, escalation and error dialogs.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon January 8, 2021 (Version: 10.3.3)
Bug fixes:
  • A workflow model containing an extension with a duplicated ID with a process could cause an issue when saving and exporting to XML.
  • The data mapping dialog was not properly accessible from the event trigger dialog.
  • The QR code generated for Ideation session could be invalid depending on the suite security settings.
  • Text annotations could not be translated correctly in the Case Modeler.
  • Emails sent from workflow processes could fail to be sent when the email server configuration was done through environment variables.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon January 6, 2021 (Version: 10.3.2)
Bug fixes:
  • CMMN graph indexing of reused elements within stages duplicated some graph properties for the element.
  • Removing a deleted user from a shared place does not properly affect the persisted store.
  • Submitting multipart encoded form to the REST endpoint of a service when the input data type was not fully defined could cause an internal error and prevent the proper input parsing.
  • Fixed details on the translation attributes of models when exporting to the XML format.
  • The language selector when viewing a decision model did not always drop down properly.
  • Improved the performance when dropping a large connector into the workflow modeler.
  • Semantic links are now always synchronized when reusing an element by reference.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon December 22, 2020 (Version: 10.3.1)
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a condition preventing some variables from not being accessible when using expression in Timer Events.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon December 21, 2020 (Version: 10.3.0)
New and improved features:
  • Models created with most modeling applications can be translated in multiple languages from the view ribbon.
    • A display language selector is available in the view ribbon.
    • A translation dialog allows to automatically translate terms and import/export translations from/to excel.
    • Translation languages can be added and removed from the model.
  • Process instance tags expressions can now be assigned to process.
  • Process instance tags can be viewed in Cloud Execution.
  • Message event correlation can now be defined in the workflow modeler.
  • A new API endpoint is now available to receive messages that will be correlated to the proper instances.
  • When defining timer events for intermediate events, it is now possible to enter duration and date expressions.
  • A new page is available to configure the Digital Distributed Container.
  • Identities can now be deleted when publishing services.
  • The client hosted deployment now supports the definition of an https certificate.
Bug fixes:
  • Resetting the branding logo in the admin interface incorrectly reports an error.
  • Request access feature is not accessible in certain configurations.
  • Attachments with missing type cause an indexing issue.
  • Operations inputs are now properly exported in the documentation.
  • Data input mapping autocompletion does not use the full name of the data object.
  • Non-text process instance names are now supported.
  • Some accelerators could not be deleted from the user interface.
  • A rare pattern in a BPMN XML model could cause excessive resource consumption when importing in the Workflow Modeler.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon December 12, 2020 (Version: 10.2.4)
Bug fixes:
  • The last few characters on a large literal expression were not always accessible with the scrollbar.
  • Moving a model to a new folder caused the model indexing to wrongly index with no model name.
  • Deleting a group still associated with a place could cause a persistence issue preventing the access to that group after a server upgrade.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon December 4, 2020 (Version: 10.2.3)
Bug fixes:
  • Double clicking on the canvas could prevent selecting shapes under some conditions.
  • Updating reuse links were suffering from a performance issue.
  • Links from accelerator could be incorrectly considered as broken after the first save.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon December 2, 2020 (Version: 10.2.2)
Bug fixes:
  • Changing the owner of a place could corrupt the access control list persistence under rare circumstances. This would prevent the ACL from being reloaded from persistence but would not allow unauthorized access to the place.
  • Places with read only access were not properly displayed from the client access license admin page when checking the places rights for a specific user.
  • For clients with hundreds of places, the client access license page would fail to display the places when checking the places rights for a specific user.
  • Copying a data association to a new process could cause issues when trying to save the model.
  • Collections of collections were sometimes incorrectly rendered when using the Test button.
  • The excel import could fail for coding systems that were formatted as number in excel.
  • Sometimes user would be required to click twice to close a model open by a link in the Kommunicator.
  • Sometimes the detail dialog would also open when clicking on a link in the Kommunicator.
  • The commenting panel does not refresh properly when an element name is changed.
  • Complex FEEL expression containing filter and multiple context access could fail if used with a compartor expression.
  • The last entry of FEEL code auto-completion had an improper indentation in some cases.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon November 29, 2020 (Version: 10.2.1)
Bug fixes:
  • The information markers for boxed context results were not always depicted for all types of decision logic when testing a decision. Note that to have a consistent behavior across all types of decision logic, the information marker was moved to the header of the context.
  • The Excel export functionality was generating errors on most models.
  • The Excel import/export functionality was adapted to support multiple coding.
  • The DMN XML export failed when exporting a model containing associations connected between a shape and a link.
  • The DMN XML import failed when importing a file containing an empty encapsulatedLogic.
  • Element reused by reference from included models are now automatically refreshed.
  • FEEL autocompletion of fields on Collection of Date and Duration was not available.
  • Description of the interfaces, operations and inputs were not visible anymore after importing from an XML model.
  • PMML constraints defined as double were not parsed with enough precision when including a PMML model.
  • An error occurred when trying to export the documentation of a model containing an empty function inside a boxed context.

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