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Disrupting the Finance Industry

The financial industry is facing an accelerating pace of change with Fintech start-ups, increasing regulations, and disruptive new business models. Financial institutions need to rapidly adapt to this new reality and accelerate their digital transformation, in order to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. Those unable to do so will inevitably lose market share to emerging new companies or competitors able to transform more rapidly.

Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite accelerates digital transformation by providing the ability to easily define, deploy and maintain improved decision-making supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning in a graphical environment. Maximize cross-selling and up-selling with the Digital Enterprise Suite and deliver outstanding customer experience, while mitigating risk and improving operational efficiency.

Automated credit card solicitation
Improved insurance processes
Integrated block-chain technology
Automated process and decisions for citizen benefits
Automated decisions integrating AI

Maximize cross-selling and up-selling with the Digital Enterprise Suite


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