The Digital Enterprise Suite

More than just business modeling, the Digital Enterprise Suite also provides business automation. Built on an intelligent fabric called the Digital Enterprise Graph, the Digital Enterprise Suite accelerates digital transformation, innovation and improvement via visualization from business discovery through to automation. It brings strategy, design and technology together providing your organization with insight and automation for gaining competitive advantage.

Digital Enterprise Suite

The Digital Enterprise Suite is composed of the Digital Modeling Suite and the Digital Automation Suite.

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Digital Enterprise graph

The Digital Enterprise Suite harnesses the power of graphs with the Digital Enterprise Graph, a semantic model of your organization that fuels reasoning capabilities of this digital twin. The Digital Enterprise Graph combines multiple types of information models by abstracting all model types to a common set of graph objects with the basic attributes of who, what, when, where, why and how. Mapping to these common predefined objects allows the relationships between entities in the graph — people, activities, artifacts and more — to be detected and explored, while maintaining traceability between the objects and the original models. Models can be generated by tools in the Digital Enterprise Suite, and by third-party enterprise architecture and modeling tools.

Methods, Canvases and Practices

Here are just some of the methods, canvases and practices
that are supported by Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite.

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With minimal training, executives through business analysts are quickly able to align corporate strategy with process improvement initiatives. From Corporate Strategy to Process Execution, Trisotech is a ‘MUST-HAVE’ to ensure success.

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