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Digital Enterprise Suite

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Digital Transformation is an imperative

The future of work is hybrid, with in-office and remote workers continuously collaborating. Such a distributed organization is not possible and sustainable if you are not a process centric and cloud first organization. But there is simply, and never will be, enough professional developers to expedite this Digital Transformation. Citizen developers need to be put to contribution. You need to close the Business-IT Divide real fast, that is where Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite comes to play.

Business friendly and IT friendly

Close the Business-IT Divide

Modern technology platforms are not just new versions of legacy systems. They allow you to design a completely new digital enterprise.

Is your company’s legacy IT system, which seemed so capable a few years ago, rapidly becoming obsolete?

The systems modernization you need today is more than an upgrade; you are playing a new game with new rules, in which you modernize not just the tools and functions, but the way you do IT.

The Digital Enterprise Suite

The Digital Enterprise Suite is a highly visual and interactive software suite that enables your technical staff to encapsulate programmatic logic and lets your non-technical business people assemble the business logic to innovate, transform and improve your business. Combining concepts of simplicity, usability and collaboration in the cloud, the Digital Enterprise Suite is composed of the Digital Modeling Suite and the Digital Automation Suite.

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Digital Enterprise Suite

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The Digital Enterprise Suite is one of the most advanced business analysis and design tools available.
6 Reasons why

Why choose the Digital Enterprise Suite?

To become decision driven from strategy to operations
To effectively automate operations
To rapidly adopt disruptive technologies
To easily Visualize, Improve, Automate, Transform and Innovate
Become the disruptor of your industry

How does the Digital Enterprise Suite help?

By offering common visual languages to both Business and IT

Our modeling suite lets technical staff encapsulate programmatic logic and lets non technical business people visually assemble the business logic

By delivering the cognitive enterprise

Our semantic Digital Enterprise Graph can be combined with other AI technologies

By disrupting the traditional layered architecture

Our future-proof architecture is microservice and container based

By being an open platform based on international standards

Our core is built around international standards for API, processes, cases, decisions and data

By securely going to the clouds and beyond

Our software meets the highest security standards and can be delivered on public, private or hybrid clouds as well as on-premise.

Our magic Sauce

The Disruption

With a common language between Business and IT

Our Digital Enterprise Graph creates a common vocabulary between Business and IT by marrying data, information and knowledge from your organization

With a semantic fabric across all elements of your business logic

Our Digital Enterprise Graph creates an ontology fully accessible from APIs

With an outcome driven orchestration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our Digital Automation Suite harnesses any form of AI from predictive models based on Machine Learning to intelligent devices (IoT)

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