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Delivering business automation as a service.

The Digital Automation Suite is an API-first, container-based scalable cloud infrastructure for business automation. It enables complex automation of business workflows, cases and decisions in a simple, integrated run-time environment. It allows organizations to leverage business automation as a source of competitive advantage, with performant, highly flexible, and linearly scalable engines.

Foundation Apps
(parts of the Digital Automation Suite)

The Digital Automation Suite fosters an outcome-driven orchestration of AI and other emerging technologies using international standards in a microservice architecture.

All the apps are available through a Digital Automation Suite or a Digital Enterprise Suite subscription only.

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Digital Automation Suite

The Digital Automation Suite is composed of the Service Library, the Cloud Execution, the Workflow Automation, the Case Automation, and the Decision Automation.

Four options are available: The Predictive Models Automation, the Clinical Quality Language Automation, the Workflow Simulation, and the Digital Distributed Containers.

Cloud Deployments

Your Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite instance can be deployed according to your requirements:

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