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BPM+ Health™ is a healthcare community of practice launched in September 2019 by the Object Management Group® (OMG®), an IT standards development organization. In conjunction with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Trisotech initiated the cooperative efforts that led to the creation of this innovative community of practice.

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The objective of the community is to develop and pilot standards-based healthcare automation techniques, specifically the application of Business Process Management (BPM) standards to clinical care pathways and workflows. By applying BPM standards to healthcare workflows, practitioners are able to leverage and disseminate evidence-based best practices at the point-of-care to save time, reduce errors, and achieve better outcomes.

BPM+ Health is a Community of Practice

BPM+ Health is an active community of practice that works together to drive real change improving the quality and consistency of healthcare delivery by using the BPM+ (BPMN™, DMN™, and CMMN™) family of modeling and automation standards. The BPM+ community of practice empowres health organizations, healthcare providers, professional societies, and vendors to utilize their clinical best practices, care pathways, and workflows directly, consistently, and effectively at the point of care using open standards-based notations to fully realize the benefits of Healthcare IT.

The BPM+ Health community of practice is composed of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), government, industry, and academia who works collaboratively for the betterment of the health industry at large. Trisotech is in good company with Industry supporters that include the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Health Level Seven International (HL7), the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to name a few.

Trisotech Shares BPM+ Health Community Goals

At Trisotech, we share BPM+ Health’s goal to advance evidence-based medical practices and knowledge across the health sector by implementing business process modeling and automation standards to document and share current processes and clinical expertise.

BPM+ Health community goals are leveraged through Trisotech products, participation, and expertise:

  • Develop best practices around clinical pathways and guidelines: Not only do we provide an array of Low-Code tools to model and automate pathways and guidelines, but we also provide comprehensive tooling support to automating Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) using BPM+ best practices.
  • Promote adoption of standards to maximize their utility: We are strong supporters of open standards, open-source initiatives, and fostering vibrant open communities. Open and standardized APIs are our choice, ensuring interoperability and data accessibility free from vendor monopolies.
  • Cultivate a knowledge ecosystem devoted to improving health: Our priority? Patients and healthcare providers. We ensure their needs are met with safe and standardized APIs. We firmly believe that healthcare data is the rightful property of patients and care providers, not just a vendor’s asset.
  • Improve best-practice precision and compliance for better implementations: By offering accessible platforms, events, training, and developer-centric products, we’re providing new levels of interoperable workflow and decision-making precision for best practice implementations.
  • Collaborate with other standards organizations in healthcare: Our active contributions to BPM+ modeling and automation and the FHIR standard, coupled with our unwavering support to those communities, aim to elevate healthcare IT standards worldwide.

Trisotech a BPM+ Leader

At Trisotech, we merge the power of BPM+ standards with the agility of Low-Code Decision and Workflow Orchestration. The result is a healthcare orchestration platform that is reshaping the healthcare landscape. Our recognizable clientele spans international and U.S. acute care hospitals, leading healthcare insurance providers, distinguished teaching hospitals, and prominent healthcare professional organizations. With our unique approach of integrating BPM+ support through Low-Code application development, we are enabling our clients to facilitate the rapid collection and accurate retrieval of patient data from complex, diverse EHRs and other systems, minimize provider burdens associated with keeping up with all the latest diagnosis or treatment recommendations, and disseminating change within days rather than months.

Trisotech Healthcare Feature Set

Trisotech simplifies the creation of state-of-the-art clinical applications by seamlessly merging our technology and your healthcare policies and best practices. Our Low-Code development platform allows for the rapid deployment of healthcare applications from shareable, reusable components while conforming to international BPM+ Health standards. Our decision and workflow orchestration services enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) include decision, case, and workflow process modeling along with support for the FHIR standard. All this application development power is easily harnessed by physicians, SMEs, and developers alike due to the simplicity and clarity of the Low-Code development environment, packaged services and one-click deployment.

Trisotech provides healthcare-specific extensions, the Healthcare Feature Set (HFS), that offers advanced features and functions including access to FHIR®, CDS Hooks™, and SMART™ on FHIR as well as AI and Machine Learning (ML) that allow healthcare organizations to model and automate their decisions and workflows. HFS users also have access to a comprehensive learning package centered on automating Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) using BPM+ best practices. Overall, the Healthcare Feature Set simplifies the adoption and application of contemporary BPM+ Health interoperability standards while ensuring compatibility with pre-existing software systems across varying and complex healthcare environments.

OMG®, BPMN™ (Business Process Model and Notation™), DMN™ (Decision Model and Notation™), CMMN™, (Case Management Model and Notation™), FIBO®, and BPM+ Health™ are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Object Management Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. HL7®, and FHIR® are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International and the use of these trademarks does not constitute an endorsement by HL7. CDS Hooks™, the CDS Hooks logos, SMART™ and the SMART logos are trademarks of The Children’s Medical Center Corporation.


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