Sandy Kemsley's Vlog - Design tips for agile processes
Sandy Kemsley - Design tips for agile processes

Design tips for agile processes

By Sandy Kemsley

Video Time: 6 Minutes

Back in january 2020, I did a long post on the trisotech blog about designing processes for agility. In this i talked about model driven development and the benefit of combining process and decision models for greater agility. Now, a lot has happened since then and some of the companies that didn’t follow that advice at the time, might no longer be with us or they could be scrambling to catch up with their competitors, because we’ve seen a lot of business disruption in the last 20 months and organizations without agile business processes have a much harder time pivoting to handle change now.

I don’t want this to be just about how to do business during a pandemic, but it has taught us a lot of valuable lessons about how to do business better. What I noticed is that there were two major types of disruptions during this time. Disruption to the supply chain and a change in the target market and if you ignored either of these, it’s a recipe for failure. So let’s start with the supply chains.

We have problems or have seen problems in all parts of the supply chain and these became obvious really early on. Now in some cases, entire manufacturing sites were unavailable they had a lack of raw materials they had outbreaks amongst the workers. They had other local constraints going on and you just couldn’t use those for manufacturing anymore, if you were manufacturing some sort of physical goods and also shipping. Shipping companies reduced the number of cargo ships and they also stopped serving some markets. So this meant, for example, that shipping containers from some countries piled up in other regions because trade was only going one way. And then we had this boom in things like home improvement…

Here is where Design tips for agile processes come handy.

Watch this short video for more…

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