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Sandy Kemsley is an independent BPM industry analyst and a guest blogger at Trisotech.

Sandy has a 30-year history of software design and application architecture in digital process automation, combined with a deep understanding of business environments and how technology can impact them. She has founded and run three companies: a systems integration services company, a software product company, and her current consulting company where she consults on technical strategy, architecture and design for large organizations on how to modernize and automate their core business processes. She is a featured conference speaker on business process management and digital transformation, and a contributing author to books on social BPM and adaptive case management.

Sandy is the recipient of the 2016 Marvin L. Manheim Award for significant contributions in the field of workflow, and the 2019 Workflow Management Coalition award for Outstanding Business Transformation Consultant. On the Trisotech blog, Sandy writes about business process management (BPM) design and architecture, content capture, business intelligence, social enterprise software.

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