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Process notifications in action

By Sandy Kemsley

Video Time: 8 Minutes

Hi, I’m Sandy Kemsley of I’m here today for the Trisotech blog with with a practical example of why your process notifications matter.

In my last video, I talked about what happens when your end-to-end process is actually a series of disjointed processes. In short, if a problem happens in a later part of the process, then an earlier section may never hear about the problem or at least not the details of why the problem occurred and what must be done to fix it. This is a critical customer satisfaction problem because it means that your process drops the ball along the way of the customer journey.

And, as I pointed out in that video, timely and accurate notification of process problems is a solution here, but what happens when the notifications themselves are the problem? I’m going to give you an example of another order to cash process where inaccurate and contradictory notifications cause a lot of customer frustration. And, as you might guess, I’m the customer here. Again, we’ve all become experts in order to cash processes in the past two years, at least from the customer side, but all of you are in businesses that serve customers in some way. And there are lessons to be learned from how to handle process notifications properly, even if the process itself goes off track.

Now, I’m not going to talk about kitty litter this time, and in fact the product being delivered isn’t even relevant. What is important is how I was notified about what’s happening with my transaction. Now this was an office supplies order, but I’m going to use language as if this were any customer facing transaction to make it easier for you to match it up with what you’re doing with your processes.

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