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Prior Authorization

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Change how you think about building, automating and maintaining your prior authorization technologies.

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Streamlining Prior Authorization for Healthcare Payors Using Decision Management

The Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite decisioning platform combines analytics, decision rules management, business process automation and case management automation. With Trisotech’s modeling and automation platform, rules are visually modeled not embedded in computer programs or proprietary rules systems. This means that rules can be created and maintained by subject matter experts directly, bridging the gap between clinical, business and IT personnel.

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Trisotech is disrupting the Healthcare Information Technology Market by empowering the development of visual shareable clinical guidelines and pathways to tear down the wall that exists between clinicians and informaticians. To enable this disruption, Trisotech offers clinicians a simple to use modeling environment where workflows and decision logics are visually created by the Subject Matter Experts (SME) themselves. This puts clinicians squarely at the heart of the solution.

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