The problem

Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can lead to great gains as it integrates information from across the organization providing rapid access to client and supplier information. But a poorly executed ERP implementation can also be the source of some serious concerns that could even cripple the organization for a while. ERP implementations have a bad reputation of often being late, over budget and too often cementing the old way of doing business.

The Solution

Whether it be for a first deployment or migrating to a cloud deployment, the implementation of an ERP is a major endeavor that requires transition planning in the form of an ERP blueprint. Using the discovery and modeling capabilities of the Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite (DES) your organization can improve the current “As Is” business practices before starting the ERP implementation.

Transition planning in the form of an ERP blueprint

These “To Be” improvements will pave the way to an optimized business blueprint for implementing your ERP.

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