Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – September 29, 2020

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Bug fixes:
  • CDS cards could render lists results as incorrect mark down.
  • The BPSim simulation ribbon was not offered correctly to certain clients.
  • The data input binding for user, manual and none tasks could be ignored at automation.
  • The export and import of the extended boxed expression (iterator, conditional, filter) were not available.
  • Copying and pasting the extended boxed expression (iterator, conditional, filter) could result in duplicated ids.
  • Reuse overlay is duplicated on shape after unlocking it.
  • Sometimes the current graph isn’t selected in the graph filter.
  • DMN 1.2 exports incorrectly exported as DMN 1.3.
  • Unlocked (reuse by copy) Business Rule Tasks Data Input / Output are not read only anymore.
  • Fixed an issue in the reporting styling for invocation decision logic.
  • The issue manager did not load properly on the Digital Enterprise Suite application.
  • Decision models with PMML or REST calls could fail to publish to automation.
  • The request access page was causing a memory pressure issue on the server.

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