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Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon July 12, 2024 (Version: 11.12.10 LTS)
  • Security fix Long Term Support release.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon June 26, 2024 (Version: 12.2.1)
Bug fixes:
  • When testing a decision model, the result was not always displayed as an information icon for invocation, iterator, conditional and filter.
  • Digital Distributed Container security prevents secured event topics from logging to the emitters.
  • Using OAuth 2 additional parameters for authorization (for Google OAuth for instance) was not working as intended.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon June 15, 2024 (Version: 12.2.0)
New and improved features:
  • Template configuration can now be created for executable workflow process. It allows to define multiple reuse configuration for a process.
  • The dependency panel of the Digital Enterprise Graph now offers the ability to relink dependencies to a different element, model or graph easily.
  • It is now possible to keep the history of service execution for process enabling to visualize their end state in Cloud Execution.
  • Error end events in workflow processes will now map to error responses allowing to generate customized HTTP responses with custom error documentation.
  • A new attribute on the modeling canvas is now available to automatically assign an identifier to newly created shapes.
  • The outputs of a service returning a single output will no longer have that single result wrapped in an object with a key representing the output name when requesting the Accept type: application/json+result.
  • Workflow process can now leverage the CDS Hooks suggestion feedback mechanism.
  • A new utility custom FEEL function was added to recursively remove nulls from Any data.
  • Improved the time required to import large XSD data type definitions.
  • The horizontal scrollbar for the test panel is now always available and does not require to scroll to the end of the form.
  • Multiple rows of a decision logic can now be selected.
  • Submitting an invalid JSON file to the test panel would result in a generic error and now result in a more significant error.
  • When downloading the technical result of a test, the order of the keys will now be constant.
  • The rich text editor controls are now available when in text view.
  • Improved the formatting of the information bubble tooltips when testing a decision model. They also now include a scrollbar and their text can be selected.
Bug fixes:
  • Testing a decision logic that contains a slash character in its name fails.
  • Decision table analysis would in rare cases omit gaps.
  • When using a collection was referring a type with a custom rendering, the rendering properties could be ignored.
  • Copying and pasting a line in the data mapping could create an additional empty row.
  • The dependency panel is not properly updated when deleting unused data types.
  • Dropping a process from the Digital Enterprise Graph can introduce duplicated data types.
  • Models can contain duplicated data types when the data type name contained special characters.
  • Importing two XSD files in the same model could generate duplicated ids.
  • Multiple iterator in a FEEL for expression could fail with an undefined variable if some of the iterator resolved to an empty list.
  • When testing a decision logic with boxed context, some entries would not display their result using the info icon.
  • When creating a relation table with types of complex types, the columns referring to complex names could be incorrectly parsed.
  • Decision models called in process launched from a case could be incorrectly connected.
  • Testing a process with a file input would not always properly display the submit button on a later user task.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon April 29, 2024 (Version: 12.1.1)
Bug fixes:
  • The DMN 1.2 XML export could fail with include models.
  • A process model calling a decision model with a name containing a trailing space would not load properly.
  • Missing information on referred data types were shown as error without a clear indication of the root cause.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon April 25, 2024 (Version: 12.1.0)
New and improved features:
  • Added a preference to not synchronize all dependent models when testing and publishing to automation.
  • Added a preference to only get the final result when testing Decision models for faster exection.
  • Model reusing a large amount of data types will now be synchronized faster.
  • The Digital Enterprise Graph navigation performance has been significantly improved for large graphs.
  • When creating a test case, the current service being tested is also saved in the test case allowing for partial model test cases to be created and later tested.
  • It is now possible to select and deselect all elements of a category when generating reports.
  • The admin configuration of the email notification channel now allows to configure default email addresses.
  • We can now duplicate rows of decision logic.
  • We can now duplicate rows of expression for instance name, tags and data mapping.
  • The utility custom FEEL library now supports decoding both standard and URL Base64 character set.
  • It is now possible to view the HTML code of rich test editor inputs.
  • The info dialog now allows to regenerate the model namespace.
  • An option to include or exclude examples from the report generation is now available.
  • When stopping a test started from a file, the input form now stays on the file input mode.
Bug fixes:
  • The process instance viewer was not accessible in digital distributed containers.
  • Some models were dirty after opening them from a place.
  • The input data types could be considered of type Any instead of their actual types when testing a Business Knowledge Model.
  • Constraints defined on a collection reused as a base type could be incorrectly evaluated.
  • Task data mapping did not support iterators boxed expression.
  • The emitter Public API endpoints were not accessible with a bearer token.
  • The Twilio connector parameters were updated to align with changes in their API.
  • Script task did not evaluate output data mapping when there was no expression defined.
  • Some model containing decision tasks could not be deployed.
  • It was not possible to select the Microsoft Teams distribution channel for user tasks.
  • Data could not be edited in call activities when testing models.
  • The collection marker was not always shown on data items.
  • Item definition names are not translatable and will not be displayed in red anymore when viewing a translated language.
  • Reused data types could not be deleted.
  • In some cases, the process instance viewer was not displaying complex data types using the proper input rendering.
  • Copying a sub process with children could cause model structural issues.
  • Zoom to fit for case models did not consider the case name.
  • Inner data inputs not displayed on the form could not be used in the email/teams notification template for user and manual tasks.
  • The tooltips from the report generation dialog do not always properly disappear when closing the dialog.
  • The input description is not shown when testing a model.
  • The user interface to edit data stores was not updating properly after a save.
  • The FEEL highlighting will now properly recognize multiple iterator variables in a for statement.
  • The FEEL highlighting could now work properly after an addition or subtraction inside a filter statement.
  • The FEEL highlighting will not try to convert numbers as strings when defining a context as a literal expression.
  • Fixed an issue with the automation when multiple sequence flows were linking the same two shapes with different constraints.
  • When testing a workflow model, it was possible that the data panel would not be properly updated with the new value of a variable that used data mapping.
  • The shared data modeler now supports importing DMN 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 models.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon April 22, 2024 (Version: 11.12.9)
  • Security fix Long Term Support release.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon March 28, 2024 (Version: 12.0.1)
Bug fixes:
  • Execution environment created before version 11.3.0 (November 2022) have their triggers disabled.
  • Setting a Frame Ancestors domain in the administration application could cause certain Trisotech functionalities of the Kommunicator and the Digital Automation Suite to not work as expected.
  • Accessing a variable property after a closing parenthesis was being recognized as a string.
  • Sorting a collection with a filter expression would cause the data type information of the collection to be lost.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon March 26, 2024 (Version: 12.0.0)
New and improved features:
  • New modeling product: Shared Data Modeler.
    • Based on the OMG Shared Data Model and Notation (SDMN) 1.0 specification.
    • Visualize data items and data types in diagrams.
    • Fully integrated with the Digital Enterprise Graph and other standard capabilities of the Digital Modeling Suite.
    • Exchange SDMN models using the XML import and export.
  • Data types display properties can now be customized to alter how they interact with users when used as either data inputs or outputs.
    • Customize the default value when inputting or outputting.
    • Select the control type (single text line, multi-text line, drop-down, radio button, …)
    • Define the Custom Renderer name used for a data type.
    • The different interaction channels (form, email, teams) do not support all customization. Refer to the documentation to know which customization works with which channel.
  • It is now possible to administer and visualize a workflow process instance visually (overlaid over the process diagram) from the Execution Instances interface.
  • A new admin interface is available to upload Custom FEEL functions written in Java by developers.
  • The product navigation menu (nine-tiles) is now segmented into Modeling, Automation, Administration and Documentation categories.
  • The Digital Enterprise Suite application tile was rebranded Digital Modeling Suite.
  • A new user facing application called Digital Automation Suite is now available from the tile menu.
    • Exposes services available to be started.
    • Exposes tasks that need to be completed for long-running services.
    • Now the default application when accessing a Digital Distributed Container through the web interface.
  • Forms now display the description of the required inputs.
  • The authorization model of execution environment was improved to now be defined as:
    • Performer: A user can execute services from this environment such as starting instances, performing tasks, etc.
    • Deployer: A user can deploy and delete services from this environment.
    • Builder: A user is allowed to download an offline version of this service (in a container for instance) or build a container image of the service.
    • Admin: A user can manage long running instances of services in this environment.
  • It is now possible to create new models from the Place Navigator.
  • The interfaces and operations from the Operation Library are now indexed in the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) is now supported as a user provider.
  • Digital Distributed Containers are now secured by default.
    • A new Client App is automatically created for each execution environment.
    • The Digital Distributed Container are now connecting back to the Digital Enterprise Suite using OIDC to validate users based on that new Client App.
    • For deployment scenarios where a Digital Distributed Container can’t connect back to the Digital Enterprise Suite, it is possible to override that behavior.
  • The Digital Enteprise Suite now supports logging using the JSONL format (using GCP schema).
  • Pasting multiple lines of text in an enumeration definition now creates multiple enumerations entries.
  • A new option allows to hide inner data inputs from being displayed on the form when executing a user or manual task.
  • The client hosted configuration for HTTPS certificate was simplified to accept PEM certificates and keys.
  • The sub-menus of the data type menus are now shown on mouse-over.
  • Collection and ranges in the data type selector are now grouped.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing a diff after a version has been published.
  • The option to create a token was incorrectly offered on data objects when testing a model.
  • Tokens in error could not be moved anymore when testing a model.
  • The font size is now properly imported from DMN XML.
  • Automatic translation was ignoring description, notes and examples fields.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon March 21, 2024 (Version: 11.12.8)
Bug fixes:
  • The new version of safari on OSX had an improper interaction with our loading spinner for the detail panel of elements.
  • The sort function implementation could generate errors when sorting context keys that are equals for objects.
  • Incorrect FEEL highlighting for variables after a filter is found inside a context definition of a for loop literal expression.
  • Incorrect FEEL highlighting for variables inside multiple level of filtering inside a for loop.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon March 1, 2024 (Version: 11.12.7)
Bug fixes:
  • Some links in email and Microsoft Teams notification could be incorrectly generated.
  • Dragging to select multiple elements could cause the canvas to move in incorrect directions.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 21, 2024 (Version: 11.12.6)
Bug fixes:
  • The SAML AssertionConsumerServiceURL assertion will not contain the query string anymore.
  • When updating the base image credentials for digital distributed containers to a registry not requiring an identity, it could prevent the image from properly being pulled.
  • Cycles in decision model inclusions could prevent a model from properly saving.
  • While testing, updating the value of a data object could not work as expected unless it was selected in the diagram.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 2, 2024 (Version: 11.12.5)
Bug fixes:
  • Improved the loading speed performance of test cases using models with type recursion.
  • When a model that is reused is saved multiple times, depending models might get synchronized multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue with reused data types from included models.
  • Updating a context entry description does not make the model dirty.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon January 29, 2024 (Version: 11.12.4)
Bug fixes:
  • Long data type enumerations bleed over the table in the documentation.
  • The order of the data types was not always properly kept.
  • Fixed an issue when loading older models that contained unsupported features of data types.
  • Fixed various FEEL syntax highlighting in filters.
  • To improve SAML compatibility, login requests now includes the AssertionConsumerServiceURL.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon January 10, 2024 (Version: 11.12.3)
Bug fixes:
  • The first synchornization of a data type from a graph data store could not produce the right result for some data types.
  • Warnings attempting to fetch some data from a data store could incorrectly instead generate an error.
  • Custom XML parsing of a textual element based on a data type with both a type reference and allowed values could result wrong data type being considered.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon January 6, 2024 (Version: 11.12.2)
Bug fixes:
  • Result highlighting for some context box expression were not properly displayed.
  • JSON and XML template generated for services would not properly represent collection of strings and repeating containers.
  • Date and times with a time zone were not serialized consistently in cloud events (emitters) to the way they were serialized in REST calls.
  • Allowed values defined in a parent type were not always properly checked when the data validation was turned on.
  • Testing a workflow model with attended tasks were not properly allowing to complete the attended part of the task.
  • The filter boxed expression required the item prefix for filters.
  • Fixed a FEEL highlighting issue for context inside loops.
  • Displaying a date and time in the system of engagement could yield an invalid date message.
  • Importing data types from a JSON or XML schema could disconnect their references in the model.
  • The command line client (des-cli) was not able to re-index the graph properly.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon December 20, 2023 (Version: 11.12.1)
Bug fixes:
  • Clicking on the plus icon to open a sub-process or a collapsed stage would not work under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed syntax highlighting in FEEL expressions after a function with parameters is used inside a returned context.
  • Paste by value/by reference doesn’t paste where the contextual menu was opened.

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