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Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon May 31, 2023 (Version: 11.7.3)
Bug fixes:
  • Renaming an input data could fail under rare and specific conditions.
  • When adding a row to a decision table, it was possible under specific conditions that the row was not editable.
  • The email sending capability (including sending feedback) could be impacted by a User Provider system that introduces escapable characters in user names.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon May 30, 2023 (Version: 11.7.2)
Bug fixes:
  • Data types containing accents in their names used as inputs or outputs of a service were not generating a valid Open API service descriptor also causing the test form to display those types incorrectly.
  • Changing the data type of a context entry triggered an excessive amount of calculation that impacted performance.
  • Types on conditional boxed context were not synchronized property with its context entry.
  • The bugfix in 11.7.1 on the parsing of specific data type introduced undesired side effects on other data types, we have re-adjusted this fix.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon May 25, 2023 (Version: 11.7.1)
Bug fixes:
  • Sending a feedback could omit to include the user message.
  • A very specific data type structure construction could cause the test functionality to incorrectly parse the form data and create incorrect test cases.
  • Fixed an issue with the FEEL context being lost in certain cases when inside a filter expression.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon May 22, 2023 (Version: 11.7.0)
New and improved features:
  • Data stores now supports collections and properties of a complex type by leveraging existing data types defined in the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • The case automation now supports case file items defined as folders.
  • The healthcare feature set now offers FHIR lifting custom FEEL functions.
  • The dialogs can now be maximized in the modelers.
  • When sending a feedback to the Trisotech support from the modelers, it is now possible to attach additional files (such as screenshots) and also include referenced models.
  • The Digital Enterprise Graph queries to synchronize and find dependencies have been optimized.
  • The trace panel from the testing functionality now has save buttons to download large traces.
  • It is now possible to select text from the test panel.
  • A prefix is now added to data types used by custom FEEL functions.
Bug fixes:
  • When using the data type validation: None, the decision table headers type error should not be reported.
  • The data type validation was incorrectly trying to validate the children elements of a null structure.
  • Breakpoints after a service task could not be resumed.
  • FEEL evaluation errors in script tasks were ignored.
  • An invocation of a function that was imported from a mode that contained the dot character could not be invoked properly.
  • BPMN XML import would not properly import some model that incorrectly used QName references to the default namespace without defining it.
  • When importing an Excel file, the note column would not be filled if a custom attribute was mapped.
  • When opening a model and quickly opening another one (or creating a new model), synchronization errors could still be shown for the previous model.
  • When opening a model in the Kommunicator, it will now be synchronized with the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • We could not edit the condition attribute on the required and repetition rules of a Milestone.
  • When trying to save or export a model that contained errors or warning on element with foreign characters, it was possible that the operation would fail.
  • When exporting to an HTML or Word report, ellipsis were incorrectly depicted with a black box in diagrams.
  • Data Stores available in the FEEL context of some expression were not properly dictated by the data associations.
  • Aligned the DMN specification interpretation that an invocation using a parameter of the wrong type returns null instead of invoking with null.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon April 28, 2023 (Version: 11.6.6)
Bug fixes:
  • Digital distributed containers would not start on OpenShift 4 due to an issue with group rights.
  • Exporting a model to DMN 1.2 could keep DMN 1.3/DMN 1.4 FEEL namespaces.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon April 27, 2023 (Version: 11.6.5)
Bug fixes:
  • Improved the validation of missing data type structure name message and made it clickable to easily locate the problematic data type.
  • Fixed an issue where the SCIM synchronization would generate error messages about a date/time format.
  • When an artifact name container a dot character, it could generate an invalid Kubernete template for the digital distributed containers.
  • Made the error message more descriptive when trying to test a base digital distributed container image that is served using a manifest using the deprecated v1 format.
  • Removed an error message when starting a digital distributed container or the digital enterprise suite when a service relied on external FEEL libraries.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon April 19, 2023 (Version: 11.6.4)
Bug fixes:
  • The DMN validation and XML export were producing incorrect results in the 11.6.3 build due to an issue with the compression and delivery of the decision modeler.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon April 18, 2023 (Version: 11.6.3)
Bug fixes:
  • An additional fix was required for using File data objects in service tasks for workflow automation under certain conditions.
  • Testing a model with multiple identities could not properly propagate the identities correctly.
  • Validation of an operation without parameters could cause an unexpected error.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon April 15, 2023 (Version: 11.6.2)
Bug fixes:
  • The title, author and publication date should not have been part of the Table of Content when exporting as a Word document.
  • When creating a new row in a decision table, it was possible that the FEEL context was not properly assigned resulting in some elements not being available for autocompletion.
  • When creating a copy of a workflow or case model using the Save As functionality, the identifier of process and cases are changed to make sure there is no collision in the automation.
  • Improved the error message when deploying two process models with the same identifier.
  • Importing an OpenAPI containing a schema using the oneOf keyword was incorrectly imported as a text.
  • Call activities with cycles in their reuse could not be properly tested or deployed.
  • Under certain conditions, it was not possible to use File data objects in service tasks for workflow automation.
  • Defining a path parameter in the Operation Library without adding that parameter to the path will now generate a validation error.
  • The REST API to download DMN and CMMN XML models was not working properly when deployed on OpenShift.
  • Data Store columns names were capitalized and should respect what was entered as an input.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon March 31, 2023 (Version: 11.6.1)
Bug fixes:
  • Some boxed context were not rendered completly.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon March 26, 2023 (Version: 11.6.0)
New and improved features:
  • Renaming a Data Object or a Data Store in the canvas now also updates the data mapping, conditions and test cases that depended on that name.
  • It is now possible to define a retry on error policy for process and tasks.
  • A new custom FEEL function library was added to allow manipulation of Unit of Measure. It is now possible to convert and format measures taken into different units such as mass, length, concentration, etc.
  • Added support for the CDS Hooks: medication-prescribe, order-dispatch, order-review, order-select, order-sign, appointment-book, encounter-start, encounter-discharge.
  • It is now possible from the Healthcare dialog in the execution ribbon of the modelers to control which CDS Hooks type is implemented by your model.
  • The SMART on FHIR configuration was moved from the deployment dialog to the healthcare dialog in the execution tab.
  • Deploying and testing models speed has been improved significantly.
  • Loading an incompatible test case in the test dialog now inform the user of the mismatch.
  • It is now possible to import an excel file without headers as the first column in relation and lists decision logic.
  • The administration page for accelerators now load faster.
Bug fixes:
  • Renaming a folder did not always properly re-index the graph.
  • BKM breakpoints (before and after) were stopping only once when testing a decision model.
  • Testing with the full validation disabled the mutable FEEL functions for altering data stores.
  • Some docker clients were not able to properly pull images successfully from our image registry.
  • When using a rare data type condition, the OpenAPI specification for a service could not be generated.
  • Changing the header type of a referred field could modify read only element.
  • For boxed context expressions, the attributes of a file data type were not suggested in the autocompletion.
  • The trace panel of the test functionality now shows all BKM invocations and not just the last one.
  • An issue was preventing the proper edition of the data mapping of multi-instances call activities.
  • Data Stores without data associations to a task will not appear anymore in the autocompletion suggestion for FEEL expressions.
  • It was possible to generate duplicated inner data outputs when synchronizing it with the graph.
  • Invoking a BKM or Decision Service with the same name as its model did not work properly.
  • The collection marker was not always displayed properly when editing or viewing the details of a data type.
  • The Method and Style validation of decision tables could fail if a cell was left empty.
  • When downloading test results, the file name now always reflect the name of the service.
  • Improved the error message when a decision model is not properly linked or could not be properly loaded on service publication.
  • Corrected the text rendering of FEEL functions returned from decision logic.
  • It was possible that the header of a decision table was displaying the wrong right side inclusion marker for range when refering a data type that allowed null.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon March 13, 2023 (Version: 11.5.4)
Bug fixes:
  • Some SMART on FHIR applications providing their identities could fail to launch.
  • Data Stores used in the output data mapping of a task could fail unless the data association with the task was bidirectional.
  • Most Data Stores data mapping will fail when using the data type validation: always.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon March 7, 2023 (Version: 11.5.3)
Bug fixes:
  • Some decision services referencing collections of elements could not be deployed because of an incorrect message about a missing type.
  • After testing a model and downloading the resulting JSON file, the file name and content could be different depending on the context.
  • Decision Table validation could fail with a null message when a decision table output cell was not filled in with a value.
  • FEEL functions to alter data stores were not always altering the persistent value of the data store when used in the data mapping.
  • The settings page style was overlapping with the left menu for non-administrator.
  • The order of the inputs is now better preserved when submitting a JSON or XML file.
  • Creating a new OAuth2 identity could result in a blank page.
  • In rare occasions, a highly compressed Excel file was incorrectly identified as a security problem when uploading to a data store.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 23, 2023 (Version: 11.5.2)
Bug fixes:
  • There was an error when importing an excel file into a relation table that had non-textual cells in its first row.
  • The process instance termination could not be unchecked if it was imported from a BPMN XML file.
  • The event documentation was not properly displayed when accessed under the /publicapi/doc-events path.
  • In the administration page for User Provider, the Trisotech Account option was not properly displayed as selected after a page refresh. It was instead presented as its SAML2 equivalent.
  • When using a SAML2 authorization using a metadata document that contained multiple signature certificate, the first one was always used to validate the signatures.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 20, 2023 (Version: 11.5.0)
New and improved features:
  • Renaming an InputData, Decision, BKM or Decision Service in the canvas now also updates the decision logic and test cases that depended on that name.
  • The decision modeler now supports entering expression in the input headers of decision tables.
  • The decision modeler will not automatically generate input requirements for missing input columns. A new action allows to Create Input Data that are missing.
  • BPMN escalation events were improved with support for automatic escalation triggering after a certain time from either activation or the last update time of the process instance.
  • BPMN timer events now allow to specify the duration reference time point between activation and last process update.
  • A process instance termination policy can now be set on a process to automatically terminate a process instance after a given time relative to either its activation or last update.
  • Added support for SAML2 AuthnRequest signing.
  • Added support for pasting the SAML2 IdP metadata.
  • The digital distributed container base image can now use a virtual current tag to point to the base image that corresponds to the current version of the Digital Enterprise Suite.
  • The validation messages for a type mismatch in DMN were improved to be more user-friendly.
  • The administrator can now configure a maximum of concurrent web session and an inactivity timeout for users.
  • Delete all button in the data types dialog now also delete reused data types that are not in use.
  • New Prometheus statistics are available to track the number of instances and runtime of service execution.
  • The EU-Rent documentation was ported to a new platform.
Bug fixes:
  • The test trace could report an empty input incorrectly for some decisions.
  • Improved the display of multiple errors in plain html REST endpoint for services.
  • CQL execution would fail if the validation level was set to always.
  • When entering an invalid license in the administration section, the Client Access Liceses are not unallocated anymore.
  • When a license expires, it is possible to enter a new one from the web interface.
  • When changing the collection attribute of a data type, the marker on decisions isn’t refreshed without a page change.
  • When editing a term alternative name or its type in the Details dialog the “Link to a term” button disappeared.
  • Multiple markers could be shown on BKMs shapes when testing after changing the page.
  • Genereating the default I/O mapping doesn’t assign the data type.
  • Sometimes the test form doesn’t refresh the inputs.
  • Sometimes linking a term in the digital enterprise graph create an extra space after the linked term.
  • The spacer tool does not work properly in some CMMN stage page.
  • Data types/Terms of reused element that are in a different graph are not created.
  • Sometimes test cases are not shown on the panel.
  • Improved the error messages when building multi service containers.
  • Improved the log layout in the debug view.
  • The test case panel could appear blank in a rare condition.
Release Notes - Digital Enterprise Suite icon February 9, 2023 (Version: 11.4.5)
Bug fixes:
  • Revoking a user license for a user that has a product open can cause the product to try to reconnect resulting in an asynchronous communication channel partially initialized that prevent the proper operation of the asynchronous events.

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