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Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – September 18, 2020

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Bug fixes:
  • The Method and Style introduction courses were not available to all clients.
  • Clinical Decision Service (CDS) cards could be rendered without summary in some conditions.
  • Workflow tasks without implementation were incorrectly treated as human/manual tasks at automation.
  • In some automation deployment scenarios using an extra processing node, a valid bearer token could be refused.
  • Expression to constraint a BPMN data type were not properly indexed in the digital enterprise graph.
  • The workflow automation tasks for sending email could fail on certain email service (amazon ses) for specific emails.
  • Some user tasks using files as inputs could be rendered incorrectly in the Try-It form.
  • When importing an excel file in a decision logic, the value 0 was not properly imported into a text column.
  • Fixed a few issues with the styling of the new type of decision logic.
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