Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – Sept 22th, 2021

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Bug fixes:
  • The detection of the absolute URLs was not working in some configurations causing absolute URLs to be displayed. This prevented the container location strings from being valid.
  • A term containing healthcare coding missing a system definition could cause a deployment issue.
  • Fixed the screen flickering when loading the service library.
  • Custom attributes that were renamed did not properly show up in the diff view.
  • Method and Style validation of decision table was incorrectly reporting issues when the output of the column was a variable with the same data type as the column.
  • When testing a decision logic that returned a number, in some cases the info marker would not display the execution result.
  • When publishing for automation a workflow model linking to a decision model that uses a namespace from a different vendor, that model would not be properly packaged resulting in an incomplete deployment.
  • The FEEL unparsed language was not always kept after a reload in some rare conditions in the workflow and case modelers.
  • The ellipsis marker and menu could be out of sync when undoing the morphing of a data association.
  • In the word/html report, the data mapping color could be incorrect.
  • Clicking on a type inside the data mapping of a call activity would not properly open the data type dialog.
  • There was a rare issue that would duplicate the content of the ellipsis menu for included decision.
  • Updating the name of an element in the original model would not always update in the more referencing it for copy of links.
  • State information could be duplicated when updating it from a different language.
  • Undoing a decision logic clear could leave the decision logic page blank.

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