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Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – Sept 14th, 2021 10.11.0

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New and improved features:
  • Kafka messages can now be generated from the workflow automation.
  • It is now possible to subscribe to Kafka topics to trigger start or intermediate events while automating workflows.
  • A new Kafka emitter type is available to publish events (modeling and automation) to Kafka brokers.
  • Data Mapping FEEL expression issues are now reported when deploying a workflow to the automation.
  • The data object documentation is now displayed when available for user tasks in the Try It form.
  • The PKCE authorization flow is now supported for obtaining bearer tokens from the Digital Enterprise Suite.
  • The repository content Public API now offers models in DMN 1.3.
  • Triggers can now be edited from the Operation Library.
  • Iterator, Conditional and Filter decision logic are now usable in workflow process data mapping.
  • Data Mapping for case tasks is now available in the case modeler.
  • Operation library outputs now allow to define any Content-Type for the body of a response.
Bug fixes:
  • An error could occur when executing test cases in decision models that included other models.
  • When not using a gateway to branch after a script task in a workflow model, an unexpected error could prevent the proper execution of the model.
  • Under rare conditions, the process name was not properly updated after a manual task.
  • With a container deployment, setting only the SMTP_HOST environment variable without the SMTP_PORT caused an error instead of using the default value.
  • Publishing decision models linking terms with sources information would fail.
  • Renaming a decision with the same name as an input data could generate an error when undoing the operation.
  • Creating a data type from the output of a decision table inside a context could fail.
  • Clicking on the data type of a context entry could edit the global data type of the logic instead of the specific one clicked on in rare conditions.
  • Adding a new row to a decision table while editing a table cell could cause the operation to silently fail.
  • HTML tags were not properly escaped in the information, warning and error markers displayed on the diagram (validation errors, export problems, …) .
  • Exporting to an image with a shape selected causes the shape to appear black in the rendering.
  • Exporting to an image with a shape containing term links and user entered new lines could generate a blank label.

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