Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – October 14, 2020

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New and improved features:
  • Tasks that send emails can now raise BPMN signals when a link in the email is clicked or when the email is open.
  • A description field is now available for describing boxed expressions.
  • Assigning an issue to a new user will now notify that user by email.
  • It is now possible to mention users in issues and comments. When doing so, these users are notified by email.
  • From the Digital Enterprise Suite application, it is now possible to open an issue using by clicking on the model when viewing an issue.
  • The decision logic choices were limited based on the context for conditional, iterator and filter expressions.
  • The Digital Enterprise Graph now indexes model properties and process parameters and outcomes.
  • OAuth Bearer tokens generated from the main Digital Enterprise Suite container can now be used by extra processing nodes.
Bug fixes:
  • The administration interface did not load properly on Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed an issue where the data mapping of service tasks by data input name (without using the Input Data Mapping) could fail under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the opening of models in the Kommunicator with some license configuration.
  • Unlinking a relationship in Landscaping could generate an error.
  • It is now possible to correctly link terms within the Knowledge Entity Modeler without subscribing to the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • Fixed and issue that was preventing entering systems from activities.
  • The input and output data mapping in the workflow modeler now offers extended feel functions.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the invocation of a decision model from a process model when a null value was passed at runtime.

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