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Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – Oct 27th, 2021

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New and improved features:
  • A new application tile was added to control personal settings such as Identities, Event Emitters, Data Stores and language preferences.
  • Cloud Data Stores (currently in beta and will require an additional subscription) are now available for the automation of workflow and decisions.
    • Represented in modelers as a collection of a flat complex type. In workflows, they are bound to the Data Store BPMN element . In decisions, they are bound to the Input Data DMN element .
    • Can be created by all users under their personal settings tile. They can be shared with a group.
    • Access (as the owner or shared with you) allows to directly interact with the data store in the management interface (import, export, edit) and the ability to use it in the modelers.
    • Once deployed, any user can interact with a process or decision that uses a data store even if the data store is not shared with them.
    • Can be directly opened in Microsoft Excel to edit their content through the personal settings page.
    • The FEEL functions append, concatenate, insert before, remove, reverse, sort and union were augmented to interact with data stores and modify them.
    • Two new FEEL functions were added to support additional functionality for data stores: insert after (similar to insert before) and replace (to update one or more element of a collection)
    • Their scope is instance wide which mean that the same data store can be used in multiple process and decision.
  • The place navigator files and folder columns are now sortable.
  • The place navigator offers a new action to copy and move models to a different place.
  • The place navigator can now recover deleted models to their original location.
  • New automation FEEL functions were added.
    • current user: returns the user currently calling the automation API
    • initiator: returns the service initiator (user who started the process)
    • task history(name): returns the automation history (previously completed tasks)
  • New FEEL context funtions from DMN 1.4 were added: context, context put, context merge.
  • New FEEL text function funtion was added to generate URIs: uri.
  • FEEL expressions using the automation functions can now be used in performer assignments.
  • The healthcare tab in the Knowledge Entity Modeler now allows to enter the Resource Type.
  • Service library will now refresh without having to reload the application when a new service is deployed or deleted from another session.
  • Invocation boxed expression now offer autocompletion of FEEL methods.
  • Invocation boxed expression can now be used in the data mapping.
  • Linked terms in the name of elements are now dragged when reusing from the Digital Enterprise Graph
  • When right-clicking on a case file item, a new option allows to automatically create a case input or output based on the case file item.
  • When publishing to automation, a warning message will now appear if a version of the published model exist in the environment with a greater version number.
  • The ideation application can now be installed directly from the browser instead of requiring an app store download.
  • The environment event EnvironmentArtifactPublished message now contains additional information (language, the name, description, publisher and published date).
Bug fixes:
  • Attended task for the output of a service task configured before the data mapping would not work properly.
  • It was not possible to use the public api to download an audit log that was not registered on an environment message targeting none or more than one environment.
  • Renaming an element from the translation dialog could break name uniqueness under some conditions.
  • When dragging a process from the Digital Enterprise Graph in the workflow modeler, the description, notes, tags attributes of process inputs and outputs are now properly transferred.
  • Empty invocation bindings were not properly serialized to DMN XML.
  • When publishing to automation, the last modeling version is now always transfered as the default version for publishing.
  • Data mapping containg Conditional, Iterator or Filter boxed expression could result in a deployment error.
  • Cyclic data type usage between the Workflow and Decision Modelers could result in errors at synchronization with the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • When publishing a service that is not the latest version of that service, the dialog with the service options was not displayed.
  • When filtering the list of services in the Service Library, the count of selected artifacts could be incorrect.
  • Prevent non automation audit logs from being displayed in the audit tab.
  • When using message events (intermediate) inside subprocess that is invoked via call activity the API generated for such events does not include the data model. In addition, triggering that endpoint (even with proper data model) will not be able to parse properly.
  • When the name of a data type is changed, the datatypes overlay on shapes was not always updated correctly.

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