Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – November 24,2020

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New and improved features:
  • The Data Mapping of tasks was greatly simplified by integrating the four dialogs: Data Input, Data Input Mapping, Data Output and Data Output Mapping into a single one.
  • The new Data Mapping dialog now also integrates the multi-instances (parallel and sequential) mapping in the same interface.
  • Called process through a call activity are now bundled in the deployment to the Trisotech Digital Automation Suite.
  • Call activities calling a process defined in the same model will now have its inputs and outputs read only and synched with the source.
  • Dragging a process from the Digital Enterprise Graph will now also bring in the inputs and outputs of the process.
  • In the Service Library Try-It form, the option to continue a service are now presented before the intermediate results.
Bug fixes:
  • The Service Library Try-It button was not properly displaying the form to start workflow processes with a message or timer start event.
  • The REST endpoint required to have a Content-Type set to a non-null value for REST calls. It now assumes JSON if missing.
  • The HTML login page of the Digital Modeling Suite will now return an HTTP 200 code instead of an HTTP 401 code to align with industry best practices and allow insertion of Digital Modeling Suite links in the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Fixed an issue that could generate an error at deployment time when using CQL and PMML data types in workflows.
  • When including a model that reuse elements (by copy or by reference), two locks were incorrectly displayed on the shape.
  • Included elements detail panel could be locally modified in some cases.
  • When creating a data output mapping from the Data Output Mapping dialog, the ellipsis did not properly immediately appear on the task.
  • Sometimes Create a Subprocess From Selection failed for some specific model because of unconnected edges.
  • When an accelerator contained duplicated URIs across two models or having different values, the XML export would fail. Note that URI defined in custom accelerators should always be unique.
  • Test cases generated with a null value for a date field were generating an invalid DMN XML file.
  • Participants were not always correctly merged when a choreography participant is renamed.
  • Improved the graph reconnection potential when importing a model from and OMG XML standard.
  • In the viewer, it was sometimes impossible to click on the “Details” button in the Terms view for items under the control bar.
  • When executing workflow process, the process description and task descriptions are now properly rendered in the Service Library Try-It button.
  • Workflow process resume point without labels will now be clickable in the Service Library Try-It button.
  • The XML template generation for invoking services generated an error on most services.
  • The plain HTML form to invoke a services generated incorrect selection options for text enumerations.
  • When exporting to BPMN or CMMN, do not generate links unless the Digital Enterprise Graph is subscribed.

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