Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – November 13th, 2023

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New and improved features:
  • It is now possible to migrate long running service instance (process and cases) between different versions of a service.
  • A new admin API is available on long running services (process and cases) to move, create or delete tokens.
  • The place filtering was replaced by a place search that allows to find files in a local place or through all places.
  • It is now possible to promote a place into another place. Promoting a place replace the content of the target place with the content of the source place without affecting the history of the target place and optionally assigning a version and state.
  • Constraints can now be added to collection data types.
  • It is now possible to add more than one flag on an element.
  • When renaming a data type, its name will also be updated in the FEEL logic using the instance of function.
  • A loading feedback was added for large model requiring some time to load.
  • Included decision model elements now have a link to their included model in the detail panel.
  • New FEEL warning messages are now reported when trying to do boolean operators (equal, not equal, greater than, and, or, …) using two expression of incompatible types.
Bug fixes:
  • The instance of FEEL operator would not properly differentiate years and months duration from days and time duration.
  • When reaching a dead end in a workflow, the process test functionality could incorrectly keep tokens that did not exist anymore on the canvas.
  • It was not possible to hide some links in the Knowledge Entity Modeler and the Workflow Modeler.
  • The browser default contextual menu was not displayed anymore when right-clicking on a rich-text input.
  • Administrator using the test functionality could sometimes get incorrect results because they would also receive other users results in parallel.
  • Importing an OpenAPI that does not define its output and/or error make them unusable for data mapping.
  • Markdown tables not imported in the OpenAPI import.
  • There are missing functions in the context of the FEEL expressions in the data type in the Knowledge Entity Modeler.
  • Included decisions that are not in the current context were incorrectly added to the whole model decision service.
  • When an included model could not be found, the model might not be able to load its pages.
  • Custom FEEL functions were not updated in item definition constraints when the prefix was changed.
  • Decisions from included models did not depict ellipsis on missing requirements.
  • When clearing the search field in the data type dialog, some letters may stay highlighted.
  • The save button of the products section of the user provider tab in the administrator instance would not properly save for certain clients.
  • The dependency panel and where used panel would not always load.
  • Improvements to the FEEL context parser with an untyped global variable, a global variable inside a loop and on a collection inside an inline context.

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