Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – Nov 6th, 2021

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Bug fixes:
  • When using a data object with the same name as a read-only inner data input or output of a task, the data type of that data object could become incorrectly read only as well.
  • The concurrent modification message could incorrectly be displayed if the computer clock of the client was significantly different from the server clock.
  • Output data mapping defined from a previous version could be incorrectly upgraded resulting in the data mapping not being executable anymore.
  • The trigger dialog on message events could fail if no triggers were defined in the model.
  • Deleting a process instance that was created with a previous version of a process definition could fail leaving the instance undeletable.
  • DMN node names are now indexed using their sanitized names instead of their display names in the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • Data Store content are not serialized anymore into events for services using them as input or output.
  • The help section about the Kafka emitter was missing from the Asynchronous Events documentation topic.
  • Kommunicator links were opening in a new window instead of within the Kommunicator.

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