Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – May 26th, 2021

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Bug fixes:
  • When exporting a Discovery Accelerator model to the Workflow Modeler (BPMN), the data objects links will now all be connected.
  • Events changes are now properly reported by the model comparison.
  • The term addition is not always rendered correctly in Firefox.
  • Comments changes are not displayed when comparing models.
  • Custom attributes changes on models are not displayed when comparing models.
  • Data isCollection attribute changes are not displayed when comparing models.
  • Removing a code sometimes doesn’t show properly when comparing models.
  • Certain newly added elements would not show up when comparing models.
  • Conditional expression on intermediate events cannot be modified.
  • Only updated elements are now refreshed in the dependency panel.
  • Improve how we present the model compare when a decision logic type was changed.
  • Hit Policy and aggregation are not properly saved in Process Instance Name and Process Instance Tags decision tables.

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