Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – May 22nd, 2023

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New and improved features:
  • Data stores now supports collections and properties of a complex type by leveraging existing data types defined in the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • The case automation now supports case file items defined as folders.
  • The healthcare feature set now offers FHIR lifting custom FEEL functions.
  • The dialogs can now be maximized in the modelers.
  • When sending a feedback to the Trisotech support from the modelers, it is now possible to attach additional files (such as screenshots) and also include referenced models.
  • The Digital Enterprise Graph queries to synchronize and find dependencies have been optimized.
  • The trace panel from the testing functionality now has save buttons to download large traces.
  • It is now possible to select text from the test panel.
  • A prefix is now added to data types used by custom FEEL functions.
Bug fixes:
  • When using the data type validation: None, the decision table headers type error should not be reported.
  • The data type validation was incorrectly trying to validate the children elements of a null structure.
  • Breakpoints after a service task could not be resumed.
  • FEEL evaluation errors in script tasks were ignored.
  • An invocation of a function that was imported from a mode that contained the dot character could not be invoked properly.
  • BPMN XML import would not properly import some model that incorrectly used QName references to the default namespace without defining it.
  • When importing an Excel file, the note column would not be filled if a custom attribute was mapped.
  • When opening a model and quickly opening another one (or creating a new model), synchronization errors could still be shown for the previous model.
  • When opening a model in the Kommunicator, it will now be synchronized with the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • We could not edit the condition attribute on the required and repetition rules of a Milestone.
  • When trying to save or export a model that contained errors or warning on element with foreign characters, it was possible that the operation would fail.
  • When exporting to an HTML or Word report, ellipsis were incorrectly depicted with a black box in diagrams.
  • Data Stores available in the FEEL context of some expression were not properly dictated by the data associations.
  • Aligned the DMN specification interpretation that an invocation using a parameter of the wrong type returns null instead of invoking with null.

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