Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – March 25, 2024

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New and improved features:
  • New modeling product: Shared Data Modeler.
    • Based on the OMG Shared Data Model and Notation (SDMN) 1.0 specification.
    • Visualize data items and data types in diagrams.
    • Fully integrated with the Digital Enterprise Graph and other standard capabilities of the Digital Modeling Suite.
    • Exchange SDMN models using the XML import and export.
  • Data types display properties can now be customized to alter how they interact with users when used as either data inputs or outputs.
    • Customize the default value when inputting or outputting.
    • Select the control type (single text line, multi-text line, drop-down, radio button, …)
    • Define the Custom Renderer name used for a data type.
    • The different interaction channels (form, email, teams) do not support all customization. Refer to the documentation to know which customization works with which channel.
  • It is now possible to administer and visualize a workflow process instance visually (overlaid over the process diagram) from the Execution Instances interface.
  • A new admin interface is available to upload Custom FEEL functions written in Java by developers.
  • The product navigation menu (nine-tiles) is now segmented into Modeling, Automation, Administration and Documentation categories.
  • The Digital Enterprise Suite application tile was rebranded Digital Modeling Suite.
  • A new user facing application called Digital Automation Suite is now available from the tile menu.
    • Exposes services available to be started.
    • Exposes tasks that need to be completed for long-running services.
    • Now the default application when accessing a Digital Distributed Container through the web interface.
  • Forms now display the description of the required inputs.
  • The authorization model of execution environment was improved to now be defined as:
    • Performer: A user can execute services from this environment such as starting instances, performing tasks, etc.
    • Deployer: A user can deploy and delete services from this environment.
    • Builder: A user is allowed to download an offline version of this service (in a container for instance) or build a container image of the service.
    • Admin: A user can manage long running instances of services in this environment.
  • It is now possible to create new models from the Place Navigator.
  • The interfaces and operations from the Operation Library are now indexed in the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) is now supported as a user provider.
  • Digital Distributed Containers are now secured by default.
    • A new Client App is automatically created for each execution environment.
    • The Digital Distributed Container are now connecting back to the Digital Enterprise Suite using OIDC to validate users based on that new Client App.
    • For deployment scenarios where a Digital Distributed Container can’t connect back to the Digital Enterprise Suite, it is possible to override that behavior.
  • The Digital Enteprise Suite now supports logging using the JSONL format (using GCP schema).
  • Pasting multiple lines of text in an enumeration definition now creates multiple enumerations entries.
  • A new option allows to hide inner data inputs from being displayed on the form when executing a user or manual task.
  • The client hosted configuration for HTTPS certificate was simplified to accept PEM certificates and keys.
  • The sub-menus of the data type menus are now shown on mouse-over.
  • Collection and ranges in the data type selector are now grouped.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing a diff after a version has been published.
  • The option to create a token was incorrectly offered on data objects when testing a model.
  • Tokens in error could not be moved anymore when testing a model.
  • The font size is now properly imported from DMN XML.
  • Automatic translation was ignoring description, notes and examples fields.

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