Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – June 15th 2024

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New and improved features:
  • Template configuration can now be created for executable workflow process. It allows to define multiple reuse configuration for a process.
  • The dependency panel of the Digital Enterprise Graph now offers the ability to relink dependencies to a different element, model or graph easily.
  • It is now possible to keep the history of service execution for process enabling to visualize their end state in Cloud Execution.
  • Error end events in workflow processes will now map to error responses allowing to generate customized HTTP responses with custom error documentation.
  • A new attribute on the modeling canvas is now available to automatically assign an identifier to newly created shapes.
  • The outputs of a service returning a single output will no longer have that single result wrapped in an object with a key representing the output name when requesting the Accept type: application/json+result.
  • Workflow process can now leverage the CDS Hooks suggestion feedback mechanism.
  • A new utility custom FEEL function was added to recursively remove nulls from Any data.
  • Improved the time required to import large XSD data type definitions.
  • The horizontal scrollbar for the test panel is now always available and does not require to scroll to the end of the form.
  • Multiple rows of a decision logic can now be selected.
  • Submitting an invalid JSON file to the test panel would result in a generic error and now result in a more significant error.
  • When downloading the technical result of a test, the order of the keys will now be constant.
  • The rich text editor controls are now available when in text view.
  • Improved the formatting of the information bubble tooltips when testing a decision model. They also now include a scrollbar and their text can be selected.
Bug fixes:
  • Testing a decision logic that contains a slash character in its name fails.
  • Decision table analysis would in rare cases omit gaps.
  • When using a collection was referring a type with a custom rendering, the rendering properties could be ignored.
  • Copying and pasting a line in the data mapping could create an additional empty row.
  • The dependency panel is not properly updated when deleting unused data types.
  • Dropping a process from the Digital Enterprise Graph can introduce duplicated data types.
  • Models can contain duplicated data types when the data type name contained special characters.
  • Importing two XSD files in the same model could generate duplicated ids.
  • Multiple iterator in a FEEL for expression could fail with an undefined variable if some of the iterator resolved to an empty list.
  • When testing a decision logic with boxed context, some entries would not display their result using the info icon.
  • When creating a relation table with types of complex types, the columns referring to complex names could be incorrectly parsed.
  • Decision models called in process launched from a case could be incorrectly connected.
  • Testing a process with a file input would not always properly display the submit button on a later user task.

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