Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – July 26th, 2021

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Bug fixes:
  • Making a REST call that returns information in an HTTP header would fail if the Header was not present.
  • Copy/pasting a boxed context result row would generate an invalid model.
  • Data types are not updating their missing status in the dependency panel.
  • When searching for a term in the graph, the automatic matching should not occur if more than one match is found.
  • When renaming a recursive data type, the recursive names are not updated properly.
  • Removing an included model does not properly sync with the dependency panel.
  • Decision services with missing nodes cannot be unlocked.
  • Hitting CMD on MacOS while a shape is selected could clear the label.
  • Changing a collapsed sub-process to/from an event sub-process does not update the icon next to the page tab.
  • Internal DES services can now be called from Decision Models.
  • Discovery accelerator could fail to load models whith a dependency to an accelerator.

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