Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – July 14th, 2022

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Bug fixes:
  • The OpenAPI generated for services were under certain conditions not marking a collection property as an array for objects.
  • The response section of the OpenAPI documentation of a specific decision service was incorrectly containing all possible model outputs.
  • The numeric constraints of a data type were not documented in the OpenAPI documentation of a service based on a workflow process.
  • When testing decision models that include other decision models, the inputs form could ask for data inputs from the included models.
  • While testing a boxed context logic with one context entry returning a function, the result of the evaluation of all of the context entries was not displayed.
  • In the debug execution profile, ServiceNodeFinished were not being published if the node was implemented using a boxed context that contained a function definition.
  • The export of decision test cases could generate an XML file that was not schema compliant with the DMN TCK XSD under rare conditions.
  • Linking a call activity to a process defined in the current model was not working properly when the feature was accessed through the process icon on the call activity.
  • The test input form was incorrectly asking users to provide the content of data inputs bounds to data stores.
  • The form interface incorrectly displayed an Errors label even when there was no error in the execution of a decision service.

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