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Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – July 11th, 2023

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New and improved features:
  • User tasks can now be visualized for a given execution environment.
  • The REST API of the Digital Enterprise Suite now contains an additional resource that allows to query user tasks across services and environments.
  • The Help now contains a documentation page with the possible operations on the Digital Enterprise Suite REST API.
Bug fixes:
  • Downloading a Digital Distributed Container that did not exist returned an error message that was not properly displayed by the Docker client.
  • Improved our support of advanced OpenAPI 3.0 constructs in the Operation Library import.
  • When renaming an included model, inputs data in the Scope Panel were not renamed and we could not drag them.
  • Comparing a KEM model that has a change on some properties fails.
  • Editing a data type that has hundreds of components takes a long time.
  • When importing a data type from the graph, sometimes the takes a long time to render the result.
  • When sorting data types, reused data types were not sorted.
  • The data type association is not kept when pasting a term in the Knowledge Entity Modeler.
  • Renaming a data object without a name could fail under certain rare conditions.
  • A process with only a data store in a pool/expanded call activity does not generate the proper BPMN XML export.
Additional notes:
Clients hosting the Digital Enterprise Suite themselves will need to execute the following command in their container to index user tasks: des-cli automation usertask-reindex

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