Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – July 11th, 2022

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Bug fixes:
  • For certain license configuration, the DMN Test functionality was considered unlicensed and was not starting properly.
  • In the modeling execution test (Wofklow and Decision modeler) and the form interface (launched from the Service Library) accentuated characters could be incorrectly rendered under some browsers configurations.
  • A workflow model containing a human task with no resources defined could create an exception at deployment time.
  • Importing an OpenAPI model that contains an enumeration of numbers import them as strings instead of numbers.
  • Importing a BPMN model with an invalid association could cause an exception preventing proper import.
  • Some duration values were not correctly serialized to Cloud Events which cause the Test functionality of the Workflow and Decision Modeler to sometime display the duration as a complex object instead of as a duration.
  • Test cases containing a number were not properly backward compatible with previous releases and were loaded as 0.
  • Copying from a model that used recursive data types could prevent the copy function from properly working.
  • In a Distributed Container deployment, the root path of the container was not properly redirecting using the base.url preference when the x-forwaded-port header was sent.
  • Environment variables can now overload Digital Enterprise Suite preferences.

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