Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – January 6th, 2024

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Bug fixes:
  • Result highlighting for some context box expression were not properly displayed.
  • JSON and XML template generated for services would not properly represent collection of strings and repeating containers.
  • Date and times with a time zone were not serialized consistently in cloud events (emitters) to the way they were serialized in REST calls.
  • Allowed values defined in a parent type were not always properly checked when the data validation was turned on.
  • Testing a workflow model with attended tasks were not properly allowing to complete the attended part of the task.
  • The filter boxed expression required the item prefix for filters.
  • Fixed a FEEL highlighting issue for context inside loops.
  • Displaying a date and time in the system of engagement could yield an invalid date message.
  • Importing data types from a JSON or XML schema could disconnect their references in the model.
  • The command line client (des-cli) was not able to re-index the graph properly.

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