Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – Jan 25th, 2022

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Bug fixes:
  • Improved the memory and processor consumption of accessing CMMN and DMN XML models from the Public API.
  • Improved the resource consumptions of most Digital Enterprise Graph queries.
  • Validation of a workflow model using data association connected to a sequence flow could fail under certain conditions.
  • Timer events were not always properly triggered when the sub-process was started from a called activity.
  • Conditional event subprocess with non-interrupting start event cannot be triggered more than once.
  • Timer expression did not work properly on newly created models.
  • Fixed an issue with first decision tables when an error occurred after the first rule evaluated to true.
  • Deleting a folder containing multiple files could leave some models in the digital enterprise graph.
  • An error was incorrectly reported when a hyphen was present in the name of a variable after a collection accessor.
  • Cloud Data Store import could fail when the first data row does not have a value.
  • Cloud Data Store using any attribute could not be opened as excel files.
  • The management page styling could display incorrectly if the user was not an administrator.
  • Merging multiple models with extended attributes could prevent the save of that model to XML.
  • Importing an OpenAPI file with a file data type did not map correctly to the file data type.
  • Non-blocking case tasks icon should not be all black.
  • Importing a DMN 1.3 with Trisotech extensions for DMN 1.4 new boxed contexts could cause an XML format issue when exporting to DMN 1.4.

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