Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – February 24,2021

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Bug fixes:
  • It was not possible to undo the change of type for a start with a trigger definition.
  • After the import of a DMN 1.2 model from an XML definition, re-exporting that model to DMN 1.2 could change the FEEL namespace to match the DMN 1.3 FEEL Namespace.
  • Undoing the renaming of a shape while displaying an alternative language could result in the alternative language overwriting the main language for that element.
  • Script tasks FEEL autocompletion could incorrectly omit certain mapped variables from the inner data input.
  • The link to get more detail on FEEL expression was not pointing to the correct URL.
  • Data associations could be incorrectly deleted when deleting a corresponding inner data input.
  • Some execution environment could be hidden to administrators.
  • Digital Distributed Containers now properly prefix the Docker-Content-Digest header to support Docker Client versions > 20.
  • Multi-instance FEEL script tasks data mapping could incorrectly not give access to input data associations values.
  • A UI error was preventing group rights setting for execution environments.

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