Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – February 20th, 2023

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New and improved features:
  • Renaming an InputData, Decision, BKM or Decision Service in the canvas now also updates the decision logic and test cases that depended on that name.
  • The decision modeler now supports entering expression in the input headers of decision tables.
  • The decision modeler will not automatically generate input requirements for missing input columns. A new action allows to Create Input Data that are missing.
  • BPMN escalation events were improved with support for automatic escalation triggering after a certain time from either activation or the last update time of the process instance.
  • BPMN timer events now allow to specify the duration reference time point between activation and last process update.
  • A process instance termination policy can now be set on a process to automatically terminate a process instance after a given time relative to either its activation or last update.
  • Added support for SAML2 AuthnRequest signing.
  • Added support for pasting the SAML2 IdP metadata.
  • The digital distributed container base image can now use a virtual current tag to point to the base image that corresponds to the current version of the Digital Enterprise Suite.
  • The validation messages for a type mismatch in DMN were improved to be more user-friendly.
  • The administrator can now configure a maximum of concurrent web session and an inactivity timeout for users.
  • Delete all button in the data types dialog now also delete reused data types that are not in use.
  • New Prometheus statistics are available to track the number of instances and runtime of service execution.
  • The EU-Rent documentation was ported to a new platform.
Bug fixes:
  • The test trace could report an empty input incorrectly for some decisions.
  • Improved the display of multiple errors in plain html REST endpoint for services.
  • CQL execution would fail if the validation level was set to always.
  • When entering an invalid license in the administration section, the Client Access Liceses are not unallocated anymore.
  • When a license expires, it is possible to enter a new one from the web interface.
  • When changing the collection attribute of a data type, the marker on decisions isn’t refreshed without a page change.
  • When editing a term alternative name or its type in the Details dialog the “Link to a term” button disappeared.
  • Multiple markers could be shown on BKMs shapes when testing after changing the page.
  • Genereating the default I/O mapping doesn’t assign the data type.
  • Sometimes the test form doesn’t refresh the inputs.
  • Sometimes linking a term in the digital enterprise graph create an extra space after the linked term.
  • The spacer tool does not work properly in some CMMN stage page.
  • Data types/Terms of reused element that are in a different graph are not created.
  • Sometimes test cases are not shown on the panel.
  • Improved the error messages when building multi service containers.
  • Improved the log layout in the debug view.
  • The test case panel could appear blank in a rare condition.

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