Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – December 2,2020

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Bug fixes:
  • Changing the owner of a place could corrupt the access control list persistence under rare circumstances. This would prevent the ACL from being reloaded from persistence but would not allow unauthorized access to the place.
  • Places with read only access were not properly displayed from the client access license admin page when checking the places rights for a specific user.
  • For clients with hundreds of places, the client access license page would fail to display the places when checking the places rights for a specific user.
  • Copying a data association to a new process could cause issues when trying to save the model.
  • Collections of collections were sometimes incorrectly rendered when using the Test button.
  • The excel import could fail for coding systems that were formatted as number in excel.
  • Sometimes user would be required to click twice to close a model open by a link in the Kommunicator.
  • Sometimes the detail dialog would also open when clicking on a link in the Kommunicator.
  • The commenting panel does not refresh properly when an element name is changed.
  • Complex FEEL expression containing filter and multiple context access could fail if used with a compartor expression.
  • The last entry of FEEL code auto-completion had an improper indentation in some cases.

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