Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – December 21,2020

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New and improved features:
  • Models created with most modeling applications can be translated in multiple languages from the view ribbon.
    • A display language selector is available in the view ribbon.
    • A translation dialog allows to automatically translate terms and import/export translations from/to excel.
    • Translation languages can be added and removed from the model.
  • Process instance tags expressions can now be assigned to process.
  • Process instance tags can be viewed in Cloud Execution.
  • Message event correlation can now be defined in the workflow modeler.
  • A new API endpoint is now available to receive messages that will be correlated to the proper instances.
  • When defining timer events for intermediate events, it is now possible to enter duration and date expressions.
  • A new page is available to configure the Digital Distributed Container.
  • Identities can now be deleted when publishing services.
  • The client hosted deployment now supports the definition of an https certificate.
Bug fixes:
  • Resetting the branding logo in the admin interface incorrectly reports an error.
  • Request access feature is not accessible in certain configurations.
  • Attachments with missing type cause an indexing issue.
  • Operations inputs are now properly exported in the documentation.
  • Data input mapping autocompletion does not use the full name of the data object.
  • Non-text process instance names are now supported.
  • Some accelerators could not be deleted from the user interface.
  • A rare pattern in a BPMN XML model could cause excessive resource consumption when importing in the Workflow Modeler.

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