Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – December 16th, 2023

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New and improved features:
  • APIs Guru (an open marketplace for APIs) is now integrated in the Operation Library to facilitate the access to thousands of integrations.
  • Interfaces in the Operation Library can now have their icons customized.
  • When testing a workflow process, it is now possible to move/create/delete tokens.
  • Process and cases reused through the Digital Enterprise Graph now offer their end/milestones variables for output mapping.
  • It is now possible to update the data type of a decision logic in addition to creating a new one.
  • When dropping or synghronizing a data type with the Digital Enterprise Graph, it is now possible to select a Replace All option.
  • An option to automatically refresh the page on changes is now available in the service instances and my tasks views of Cloud Execution.
  • Executing java classes in Business Knowledge Models (DMN) or Script Tasks (BPMN) now allows the usage of the java.lang.Math library in all deployment scenarios.
  • A new Public API allows to fetch deployed models inside of services in the Digital Automation Suite.
  • A new Process Service API allows to reassign user tasks to other participants.
  • Allow users to decide if they want to update existing data type when importing from JSON Schema.
Bug fixes:
  • When right-clicking on a shape immediatly after dropping it on the canvas, the browser contextual menu could be shown.
  • Digital Enterprise Graph synchronization issues are not displayed anymore in the Kommunicator.
  • When adding input requirements to a decision model, existing test cases would report missing inputs.
  • Deploying a CMMN model through the Public API deployment resource could result in an error.
  • When a decision was defined as outputting a Text but something else was actually returned, the test case could not be saved.
  • Some workflow process services that invoke case tasks would not properly deploy.
  • Various improvements to the FEEL parser inside filters.
  • In an activity data mapping, a context typed as Any can’t always be filled properly.
  • Some tasks in the My Tasks view could have been generated with an incorrect link. This will require an administrator re-index.
  • Digital Distributed Containers were not properly establishing user sessions in the system of engagement which caused an error to be logged in the container.
  • Adding an issue to a model in the example places should not be allowed.
  • Can’t assign performers to signal/message events and sub-process.
  • The issues overlay does not always refresh properly.
  • Removing an interface from the operation logic of an imported BKM triggers an error.
  • The breakpoint tab in the testing functionality of the workflow modeler would not display all breakpoints when a model was calling another one.
  • The contextual menu would not be shown when clicking directly on a gridline.
  • Some data types were wrongly identified as being used when selecting the delete all option.
Non-Backward Compatible Changes:
  • We have deprecated and removed the XPDL import and export, the BPEL export and the Project import from the Workflow Modeler.

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