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Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – Dec 14th, 2021

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New and improved features:
  • A new system of engagement is now available in beta.
    • To activate the new system of engagement locally, you will need to toggle an option in the Service Library Preferences. The new system of engagement will replace our Try it Form with the release of version 11 at the beginning of 2022.
    • The Try it option was replaced by a Form option that provides a customizable form-based user interface to interact with deployed services. This form can be customized using cascading style sheets (CSS) defined globally, at the environment, at the group or at the artifact level.
    • A new user interface is available to interact with the service with files. Supported formats are XML, JSON, PDF and Excel.
    • A developer mode for the form is also available to customize the styling in line, generate test cases, inspect the service invocations and debug execution.
    • A test bench allows to generate and reuse test data between services (test data is keyed by data type across the instance).
  • There is a new user interface to assign performers to user/manual tasks.
    • The assignation based on user, group or expression is now simpler to understand.
    • There is additional control on the email sending preferences.
    • A template can be created for the email content being sent.
  • Performers can now be defined for intermediate/start messages to limit who is allowed to send these messages.
  • DMN 1.4 is now supported.
    • Import and export using the new DMN 1.4 XML schema.
    • A collection marker was added to decisions that outputs a data type marked as collection.
    • New DMN 1.4 feel functions are now available: is, floor and ceiling with scale attribute, round up/half up/down/half down, string join.
  • The dependency side panel now displays incoming and outgoing dependencies for this model.
  • A Where used tab was added to the detail of most elements to show where this element is reused in the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • Client Access License report can now be downloaded in CSV format from the admin CAL page.
  • The healthcare information can now be displayed on terms.
  • The detail of most elements now contains a share button to create a URL that links directly to this element in viewing or editing mode.
  • When publishing a model from the collaboration ribbon, it is now possible to publish to a different place.
  • The ribbon bar now displays the place name.
  • Attachments in an element detail can now be sorted by using drag and drop.
  • A button was added to the data types dialog to allow the sorting of the data types alphabetically.
  • When using the JSON REST API for a service execution, the null values for outputs are now provided (they were omitted before).
  • It is now possible to send emails through service tasks to anyone with an assigned license for Trisotech Hosted clients.
  • When reusing by reference a Data Object from the Digital Enterprise Graph, it can now be changed to Data Input/Output while keeping its reuse link (lock).
  • The loading time for large Knowledge Entity models was greatly improved.
  • In the data mapping, more boxed logic choices are now available to express the mapping.
  • In a boxed context, increased to 15 the number of context entry that will get automatically populated based on the expected data type (from 6). If more than 15 context entry would be created, the user is still required to create them manually with autocompletion.
Bug fixes:
  • The HTML template for a service requiring a boolean input now properly document the value that should be sent to the service (true) on a check.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented to import a BPMN XML model containing no IOSpecifications but Data Inputs/Outputs.
  • When parsing DMN TCK test cases with excessive spaces in the values, certain data types parsing would not work as expected.
  • In the generation of a Decision Service from a Decision Model, inputs and outputs of type any would be represented incrrectly in the OpenAPI as string.
  • The REST service endpoint can now parse all of the PDF content if the input of the service is of type Any.
  • The web hook emitter would not work correctly if configured without identity.
  • When failing to delete a process instance, the output schema of the REST api could not be followed in exception cases.
  • Boundary conditional events are now properly supported for embedded subprocess.
  • An issue prevent the creation of a Decision Table within a Boxed Context.
  • Data type of type Any are not always properly synched in the Digital Enterprise Graph.
  • We could get a blank page when clearing the decision logic inside a boxed function and then undoing that change.
  • Examples in the FEEL Quick Guide can now be selected with the mouse.

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