Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – August 1st, 2022

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New and improved features:
  • Improvements to the test and form functionality of workflows and decisions automation:
    • The test input tab was renamed to in and the output tab to out. They are now always visible across the test session.
    • The test input mode selector was redesigned to use buttons instead of a drop-down to make it easier to find.
    • A button was added to lists to allow to upload and download the list data to/from Excel.
    • The test trace detail dialog now display a human readable rendering of the inputs and outputs.
    • A new input mode is now available to test the service from Test Data (requires the automation subscription).
    • The chevron next to collections and structured data type was replaced with a caret to expand or collapse the input.
    • Collapsing a collection or structure does not make its value null anymore, a separate null indicator was added that is either black (value is null) or gray (value is not null but collapsed).
    • Collections inputs and outputs now display borders to improve readability.
  • The service OpenAPI v3 generated documentation now includes the nullable attribute to true to better reflect the actual behavior of the service.
Bug fixes:
  • For some types of workflow nodes, the NodeStarted and NodeCompleted events had incorrect inputs/outputs/rawInputs/rawOutputs values.
    • inputs: the values actually passed to the task after the input mapping
    • outputs: the values returned by the task before the output mapping
    • rawInputs: the process variables used as input before the data mapping was applied
    • rawOutputs: the process variables returned to the process as output after the data mapping was applied
  • NodeStarted events for decisions will not have inputs in the debug profile.
  • Data objects/inputs/outputs with newline characters in their name would not display their data content in the test panel when focussed.
  • When testing a decision or workflow, in some cases it was possible for the information marker to incorrectly display [Object object] instead of the result of the evaluation.
  • Refreshing an OAuth 2 token with a token provider that does not return a scope should not cause a refresh failure anymore.
  • Most Smart on FHIR application were failing to start with an error.
  • Script tasks using data stores without a script defined were not able to access the datastore properly.
  • The Message Event dialog could fail to close in some cases.
  • New item definitions could not be created in the data object data dialog.
  • Custom accelerators that does not define a known type for a node could cause an error preventing the semantic link panel from opening.
  • It was not possible to successfully assign a performer on a workflow process.
  • When displaying a null result for a structured data type, the test and form output were incorrectly rendering all its attributes as null instead of marking the element as null.

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