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Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – April 6th, 2021

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New and improved features:
  • Terms from the Knowledge Entity Modeler can now be linked in the name of shapes in diagrams.
  • A new type of emitter (Audit) is now offered to all deployment types. It keeps the last 60 days of events and can be downloaded as a log file through the REST API.
  • The auditing functionality of Cloud Execution was integrated with the audit emitter and now available from a single tab.
  • It is now possible to select Any as a data type to mean that it is unknown at design time.
  • Errors when execution services now includes more technical details.
  • The Try It form now displays the technical details of errors when executing services.
  • The distributed container administration page now has an area to enter a Kubernetes template. This template can be used in the Service Library to automatically generate a YAML file to deploy the container.
  • When using the Rich Text editor for data mapping, it is now possible to view the HTML source code of the mapping.
  • When using the Rich Text editor for data mapping in HTML source mode, any element attribute can be replaced by a feel expression by prefixing it with data-feel-expression- (ex: href=”…” -> data-feel-expression-href=”My FEEL Expr”.
  • A new parameter is available on the Public API method to retrieve modeling places members including those from groups.
  • When assigning groups to modeling places, these users are now available when assigning issues.
  • The mention user interface in comments and issues was improved.
  • Importing an invalid BPMN XML model that does not use DataObjectReference but instead depicts DataObject will now be automatically fixed.
  • In the dialog to see the previous versions of a model, the current version of the model is now shown at the top of the list.
  • The base container image of the automation engine and the distributed container are now based on alpine (as it was before V10) to eliminate CVE of the latest debian base image and reduce the contianer image size.
  • A new Asynchronous Event was added for WebSessions.
  • It is now possible to link to terms using the underscore character (_) in Discovery Accelerator.
Bug fixes:
  • The description toggle button had no effect on the search for terms.
  • When the automatic language translation fails, an error message is now properly displayed.
  • When setting a translatable value (name, description, …) in an alternate language, this value will not be set to the main language anymore.
  • In the Operation Library, re-importing the same OData definition twice duplicates the operations and data types.
  • When undoing the naming of a data object reference, the state could not be restored correctly.
  • When transforming a literal expression to an iterator the space after the iterator keyword was not considered.
  • Weeks is not offered anymore as an option for Days and time duration constraints.
  • ServiceStartedMessage event (under the service topic) for processes used the id of the process instead of the name as serviceName.
  • Message correlation filters that returns a non boolean value will not trigger an error but be considered false.
  • When processing a message on the message trigger REST endpoints, the HTTP context was not propagated correctly resulting in issues when trying to generate relative URLs.
  • The message trigger endpoint would wrap certain messages in an extra layer on very specific data definition.
  • Assigning a group as the performer of a workflow task will now send notifications to all members of that group.
  • Resuming a process that was in an error state now only offer to change the inputs to the failed task.
  • Renaming a model and trying to open it could fail.
  • The description is now properly displayed over linked terms.
  • The styling of the tags were aligned with the other modeling applications.
  • Using an HTTP GET on the REST api to resume a workflow could incorrectly return the data type of the workflow input.
  • The FEEL parser was not always recognizing the instance of function.
  • The Identity Management page could not create all types of HTTP and ApiKey identities.
  • The Webhook emitter could not use all type of identities.
Non-Backward Compatible Changes:
  • The audit log format of service execution was slightly changed to align with the Cloud Events standard. Similar information is available but clients that are parsing these audit logs should modify their implementation to align with the new format.
  • Client Hosted: With the change on how audit logs are defined in Cloud Execution, existing audit configuration will need to be reconfigured after the deployment.
  • Trisotech Hosted: Audit logs generated before this version will not be downloadable anymore from the Cloud Execution user interface. Our support can send you these logs if required.

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