Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – April 26th, 2021

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New and improved features:
  • It is now possible to mark a workflow task as Attended. Attended tasks can add a manual validation step before and/or after a task at automation.
  • The HTML rendering of the OAuth page was improved and now allows to set expiration dates for tokens.
  • Added a default Content Security Policy (HTTP CSP) to reduce the possibility of exploiting Cross-Site Scripting.
  • The digital distributed containers now support an additional environment variable (BASE_CONTEXT_PATH) to deploy them under a specified URI path (ex: /decision instead of /).
Bug fixes:
  • Under rare circumstances, some user places would not be visible anymore to some users.
  • The play button on attachments does not show properly to select if an attachement should be played or not during animation.
  • The reporting (word and html) could fail if there were semantic links attached to terms.
  • Allow to import BPMN XMLs that have the common flaw of referencing semantic elements in the BPMNDI namespace instead of the target namespace.
  • Identities of linked models are now properly asked when publishing for automation.
  • Ctrl-Click to select multiple shapes on the canvas was not possible when clicking on the label.
  • The default location value for APIKey identities would sometimes be incorrectly interpreted when making a REST call.
  • The file menu is displayed under the text view.
  • The dropbox connector for attachments caused an error.
  • Changing an activity to multi-instance was not undoable.
  • Fixed refresh issues with the identity dialog when publishing a model for automation.
  • The automatically generated decision service name should not change based on the interface language.
  • The one drive connector for attachments was deprecated.
  • The XPDL 3.0 export was deprecated.

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