Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – April 25, 2024

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New and improved features:
  • Added a preference to not synchronize all dependent models when testing and publishing to automation.
  • Added a preference to only get the final result when testing Decision models for faster exection.
  • Model reusing a large amount of data types will now be synchronized faster.
  • The Digital Enterprise Graph navigation performance has been significantly improved for large graphs.
  • When creating a test case, the current service being tested is also saved in the test case allowing for partial model test cases to be created and later tested.
  • It is now possible to select and deselect all elements of a category when generating reports.
  • The admin configuration of the email notification channel now allows to configure default email addresses.
  • We can now duplicate rows of decision logic.
  • We can now duplicate rows of expression for instance name, tags and data mapping.
  • The utility custom FEEL library now supports decoding both standard and URL Base64 character set.
  • It is now possible to view the HTML code of rich test editor inputs.
  • The info dialog now allows to regenerate the model namespace.
  • An option to include or exclude examples from the report generation is now available.
  • When stopping a test started from a file, the input form now stays on the file input mode.
Bug fixes:
  • The process instance viewer was not accessible in digital distributed containers.
  • Some models were dirty after opening them from a place.
  • The input data types could be considered of type Any instead of their actual types when testing a Business Knowledge Model.
  • Constraints defined on a collection reused as a base type could be incorrectly evaluated.
  • Task data mapping did not support iterators boxed expression.
  • The emitter Public API endpoints were not accessible with a bearer token.
  • The Twilio connector parameters were updated to align with changes in their API.
  • Script task did not evaluate output data mapping when there was no expression defined.
  • Some model containing decision tasks could not be deployed.
  • It was not possible to select the Microsoft Teams distribution channel for user tasks.
  • Data could not be edited in call activities when testing models.
  • The collection marker was not always shown on data items.
  • Item definition names are not translatable and will not be displayed in red anymore when viewing a translated language.
  • Reused data types could not be deleted.
  • In some cases, the process instance viewer was not displaying complex data types using the proper input rendering.
  • Copying a sub process with children could cause model structural issues.
  • Zoom to fit for case models did not consider the case name.
  • Inner data inputs not displayed on the form could not be used in the email/teams notification template for user and manual tasks.
  • The tooltips from the report generation dialog do not always properly disappear when closing the dialog.
  • The input description is not shown when testing a model.
  • The user interface to edit data stores was not updating properly after a save.
  • The FEEL highlighting will now properly recognize multiple iterator variables in a for statement.
  • The FEEL highlighting could now work properly after an addition or subtraction inside a filter statement.
  • The FEEL highlighting will not try to convert numbers as strings when defining a context as a literal expression.
  • Fixed an issue with the automation when multiple sequence flows were linking the same two shapes with different constraints.
  • When testing a workflow model, it was possible that the data panel would not be properly updated with the new value of a variable that used data mapping.
  • The shared data modeler now supports importing DMN 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 models.

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