Digital Enterprise Suite

Digital Enterprise Suite – Release Notes – April 11th, 2022

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Bug fixes:
  • Sometimes the data types from cloud data store would stay read only after deleting it from the settings interface.
  • The back button for the operation library would not be clickable under some rare circumstances.
  • The report (HTML/Word) would not properly generate for certain models exported from Discovery Accelerator.
  • Assigning a trigger from the connector panel to an existing start or intermediate event would incorrectly change the name of the message in the data mapping.
  • When exporting issues to CSV, in rare case an undefined field could prevent the export from completing.
  • When a null variable was used in a sequence flow condition, there could be a parsing issue if that variable had a FEEL keyword in its name.
  • When a model contained multiple message events bound to the same message, it was possible that a caching issue prevented the proper triggering of the event.
  • In the new beta system of engagement, a rare condition could prevent the collection data from being displayed from a decision service.
  • In the OpenAPI/Swagger definition of a service, the FEEL data type Any was incorrectly mapped to an object instead of an untyped property.

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