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What Does a Workflow Management System Do?

Workflow Automation software executes computer-driven flows (processes) of human and system tasks, documents, and information across work activities in accordance with flow paths based on business decisions. Workflow Management software also ensures processes – both internally across organizational boundaries, and externally for Customer/Client interactions – are optimized, repeatable and auditable while still being quick and easy to change.

While Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been making inroads in automating tasks within processes, Workflow Automation software is far more powerful than RPA. However, the two are both compatible and synergistic. RPA bots can automate individual tasks within a business process, but they typically can’t connect those tasks together. Good workflow engines allow RPA tasks to be included as part of a process.

Workflow Design software and Workflow Process software are being effectively used in practically every industry, frequently serving as standard operating procedures software. Digital Workflow software can be especially effective and valuable in two industries: Healthcare and Financial Services.

Workflow Automation Software
in Healthcare

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Business Workflow Automation Software

The Healthcare industry is large and diverse. While the focus in healthcare is usually on the front-line workers, the caregivers and providers, there are also multitudes of back-office workers.

Large-scale healthcare organizations are often in linked businesses, networking physicians and other providers, acute care hospitals, long term care facilities and insurance organizations. Using Trisotech’s Business Process Management software all these organizations can create secure standards-based software to help them store and retrieve data as well as standardize and automate workflows and decision making across all parts of their business.

Most healthcare providers want standard processes and decision methodologies that are centralized, easy to understand, automated through workflow engines, and quickly changed by SMEs without resorting to the need for heavy IT involvement. This, in turn, frees up IT resources to work on centralizing, consolidating and making available the latest technologies across organizational silos. This includes providing technologies to support standards like FHIR® for data storage and retrieval, Clinical Quality Language (CQL) and CDS Hooks for clinical decision support in real-time at the point of care. Trisotech’s Workflow Design software and Workflow Automation software supports all these standards and allows automated processes to be fast and easy to change as regulatory requirements and new medications and procedures evolve.

Using Trisotech’s workflow management software, healthcare organizations can develop evidence-based workflow and decision models that are human-readable, machine automatable, and embeddable in most medical encounter systems. While healthcare organizations can and do create their own automatable models, Trisotech also provides pre-built models including nearly 1,000 free customizable care pathways, clinical guidelines, and healthcare decision calculators in the BPM+ Health standard. This way, Trisotech’s process management software enables practitioners to stay updated, accelerate solution adoption and ensure greater consistency in care execution. Additionally, the comprehensive visual models offered by the Workflow Design software are readable by IT, providers and business people, serving as a guideline specification, the guideline logic, the guideline documentation, and the automation code for the workflow engine – all in a single visual artifact!

FREE customizable care pathways, clinical guidelines, and healthcare decision calculators

Moving to evidence-based practices is very desirable but also often difficult for healthcare organizations. Subject matter experts (SMEs) and clinicians constantly work with IT to translate large volumes of regulatory, new medication and procedure information into organizational policy. This is a consistent and expensive requirement for SMEs using their existing, often antiquated systems to keep information up to date. Trisotech’s Workflow Design software and Workflow Automation software solutions allow healthcare organizations to easily define and deploy evidence-based best practices that offer a consolidated view of the interactions and multiple touchpoints with patients, care pathways, and workflows at the point of care.

Back-office tasks such as pre-authorization, medical necessity determinations and off-label drug prescription approvals have a huge bearing on patient experiences. They are also time-consuming, expensive and highly manual activities. Utilizing Workflow Process software for these types of activities expedites decisions for waiting patients, allows for services to be rendered sooner, and increases ROI. Using Trisotech’s digital workflows paves the way for improving both the perceived and real quality measurements for any healthcare organization.

Healthcare Payers and Insurers are also leveraging Trisotech’s process management software to automate processes like claims processing and pre-authorization determinations, leading to more efficient decision making and significant cost savings. Trisotech’s Automated Workflow software can ensure the correct information is collected at the outset, help pay claims rapidly and organize case management for disputed or confusing exception claims. The workflow software also helps payers keep complete records in case of an audit. Health plan members benefit from a better experience as they can access the care they need with minimal delays and without surprises at the time of claim payments or billing.

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Workflow Automation Software
in Financial Services

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Business Workflow Automation Software

Financial services make up one of the economy’s most significant and influential sectors. This sector is made up of Banking Services including Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and Investment Banking. Also included are Investment Services, Insurance Services and Tax and Accounting Services.

These businesses are composed of various financial firms including banks, finance companies, lenders, investment houses, real estate brokers, insurance companies, etc. Trisotech has customers using its Workflow Design software and Workflow Automation software in all of these businesses. The typical description of this sector is Financial Services, but it is really made up of both services and Financial Products like mortgages, investments, credit cards, insurance policies, etc. This means that it is not only a business-to-business (B2B) sector but also has a huge business-to-consumer (B2C) component. Marketing, selling and servicing these products is fertile ground for Trisotech’s Workflow Automation software.

Various forms of proprietary financial software have been in use for decades and the adoption of those early technologies now presents the industry with an increasing risk in the form of technical debt. Old technologies are being disrupted by newer cloud-based offerings which include standards-based business process management software that is far better suited to meet the rapidly changing personalization, self-service, risk and compliance needs of today’s marketplace. Indeed, improving client service by automating policies, accounts, investments, claims and more using digital workflows is a cornerstone of the digital transformation efforts in financial services. To simplify the complex process of digital transformation and in order to streamline their processes and decisions, financial enterprises should render organizational workflows and business decision logic into international standards-based visual diagrams and documents. When using Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite, not only can those visual diagrams be shared by business people and technical people they can also be automated by Trisotech’s workflow engine directly from those visual diagrams.

knowledge across your organization and free up your IT resources

Technology replacement is also very important because most organizations have their knowledge, policies and procedures embedded in large complex programs maintained by IT programming staffs. Today, “old school” practices like SMEs maintaining Excel spreadsheets for policies and rules (regulatory and organizational) that then must be “translated” by IT into traditional programming languages and proprietary rules systems are giving way to visual models incorporating standardized “decision services.” Using Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite, modern workflows and decision services can be built and maintained by SMEs and turned into automated business processes by clicking a single button. This, in turn, frees up IT resources to work on centralizing, consolidating and making available additional more current technologies across organizational silos.


Primary challenges the financial industry is facing today include rapid and often massive regulatory changes, privacy, security, and fraud prevention, surpassing or keeping up with the competition by exceeding customer expectations, and replacing old technologies with emerging technologies. Trisotech’s workflow software is already recognized as the reference implementation for many international standards such as BPMN, CMMN, and DMN. In the financial industry Trisotech is rapidly taking a leadership position with its implementation of the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) standard and support of other standards like the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO), common database connections and multiple AI techniques.

For Fintech organizations, Trisotech’s Workflow Design software and Workflow Automation software accelerate digital transformation by providing the ability to easily define, deploy and maintain improved decision-making and workflows supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning in a graphical environment. While Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite is being used by customers for everything from retail credit card processing to insurance claims processing, one area, underwriting, has been of particularly high value to customers.

Underwriting is the process by which an institution takes on financial risk – typically associated with insurance, loans or investments. Underwriting means assessing the degree of risk for each applicant prior to assuming that risk. That assessment allows organizations to set fair borrowing rates for loans, establish appropriate premiums to cover the cost of insuring policyholders, and creating a market for securities by pricing investment risk.

Underwriters evaluate loans, particularly mortgages, to determine the likelihood that a borrower will pay as promised and that enough collateral is available in the event of default. In the case of insurance, underwriters seek to assess a policyholder’s financial strength, health and other factors and to spread the potential risk among as many people as possible. Underwriting securities determines the underlying value of the company compared to the risk of funding its capital acquisition events such as IPOs. All of these activities lend themselves to digital workflow software solutions.

For example, mortgage loan origination. By utilizing Trisotech’s Workflow Design software, customers are able to build standard operating procedures software for loan origination that encompass the organization’s specific underwriting policies. These workflows can be created and maintained by underwriting experts while complex mathematical models, AI and privacy and security requirements are taken care of by IT personnel. Trisotech provides for all of this in a single common visual model understandable by both the business people and the IT personnel while still maintaining separation of concerns through granular permissions. Once the visual model is complete, a single button click can automate the workflow and make it available to Trisotech’s workflow engine part of the Workflow Process software.

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What Is Workflow in Software?

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The unique capabilities of Trisotech’s Automated Workflow software are rooted in its ability to simplify the complex process of digital transformation for all. In order to streamline their processes and decisions, enterprises must first know what those processes and decisions are. Discovering and validating them is the responsibility of business leadership not solely IT. Thus, a must-do activity of digital transformation is rendering organizational workflows and business decision logic into international standards-based visual diagrams and documents. Then, they can be shared by business people and technical people and automated directly from those visual diagrams.

Trisotech calls this process Business Services Automation. The Trisotech offering includes visual Workflow Design software and visual Workflow Automation software.

Trisotech Workflow Automation Solutions

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Workflow Design software

The Workflow Design software includes workflow automation software (BPMN), decision automation software (DMN) and case management automation software (CMMN) along with a larger suite of application tools that facilitate workflow discovery, promote organizational standards use and support workflow design life cycles. The software also supports AI and RPA integrations, full API support and the configuration and management of users, permissions and models.

Digital Automation Suite

Workflow Automation software

Trisotech’s process Workflow Automation software includes workflow engines that can directly execute the business process management models. These workflow engines are utilized through RESTful APIs, provide the highest levels of privacy and security and can be containerized and thus scalable on demand across a wide variety of public and private cloud configurations including high availability configurations.

Trisotech’s Workflow Automation software also provides a full rich visual configuration interface supporting server environment configuration, audit logs, debugging tools and management of running workflow instances. Trisotech’s digital workflow software is high in value, low in cost and backed by world-class technical support.

Put succinctly, Trisotech’s Digital Automation Suite (DAS) is an API-first, container-based scalable cloud infrastructure for business automation. It enables complex automation of business workflows, cases and decisions in a simple, integrated run-time environment. It allows organizations to leverage business automation as a source of competitive advantage, via high performance, flexible, and linearly scalable automation engines. The Digital Automation Suite also offers an outcome-driven orchestration of AI and other emerging technologies using international standards and a microservices architecture.



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