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What is Business Process Management?

What is BPM?

All businesses have processes. Processes are typically differentiated from projects because processes are predictable and repeatable. They are the building blocks of operating a business.

While many organizations have similar fundamental processes, the unique parts of their processes, dictated by their specific business methods, form the basis of the organization’s competitive advantage and often their “culture.” A process can be defined as a series of steps leading to identified outcomes. Common business processes are often named with descriptions like Opportunity-to-Order, Order-to-Cash, or Employee Onboarding. The sequence of work and steps performed can vary from instance to instance based on inputs, decisions, timing, dates, etc. However, regardless of the value of these variables, to properly define a process one must know all the possible paths and outcomes in advance i.e., predictability.

Business Process Management is a management discipline with the key goals of discovering, modeling, analyzing and optimizing business processes. While some BPM solution providers might include business process automation – a BPM engine or automation platform – as part of BPM, Trisotech defines process automation as a separate discipline. As a methodology, BPM can be thought of as similar to (and sometimes encompassing) other methodologies like continuous improvement (CI) or total quality management (TCM).

Why is BPM Used?

Once a predictable process has been defined through process discovery, it can be optimized – often called process improvement – and performed over and over in a standard way i.e., repeatability. By the act of discovering and defining a process, the resulting process documentation becomes a valuable organizational asset. The use of BPM can improve business operations’ performance and agility, lower costs and add value to customer products and services. Often cited specific benefits include higher efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, increased revenue, better agility, operational consistency, greater customer service focus, better regulatory compliance, increased security, and higher operational visibility.

Business Process Management Software in healthcare

BPM in Healthcare

Utilizing Business Process Management in Healthcare provides a huge array of opportunities to deliver better patient care and services, reduce errors, improve profitability, and ensure regulatory compliance at every level.

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Process-driven healthcare organizations can create standardized clinical guidelines that facilitate consistent organizational policy, patient diagnosis, treatment, and reporting for both individuals and populations. Business processes can also provide real-time feedback and recommendations to providers, be embedded in most patient encounter systems, and integrate the use of standards like FHIR® and CDS Hooks.

Business processes are not just valuable in the clinical setting, however. They are also extensively used in healthcare insurance and patient services settings. Examples of these types of processes include claims processing, pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment (DME) pre-authorizations and patient, provider, and facility scheduling.

Business Process Management Software in finance

BPM in Finance

Business Process Management is helping to fuel the disruptive FINTECH industry as well as assisting existing financial institutions and service providers in transforming the way they do business to remain competitive.

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End-to-end business processes are facilitating the digital transformation revolution that has put the customer in the center of a 360 degree organizational view. That in turn has led to the optimization of existing operations and customer-centric policies and procedures. Standardized processes lead to higher operational visibility as well as better and more easily audited regulatory compliance.

BPM is driving better risk assessment and management, underwriting decisions, lending automation, servicing automation, insurance claims processing, and many other financial activities. By using predictable and repeatable business processes the financial industry is experiencing higher growth rates, greater profitability, more rapid digital adoption, higher rates of compliance, improved efficiency, and better security than ever before.

Trisotech BPM Solutions
What is Business Process Management Software from Trisotech?

Digital Enterprise Suite

Trisotech provides 100% browser-based business process management discovery and modeling tools in cloud-hosted or on-premise environments. The process discovery tool – the Discovery Accelerator – helps business people describe the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of how their processes work through simple interactive screens and/or existing written policies, guidelines, business rules or other documents. These business observations can then be turned into an initial workflow starter diagram with the click of a single button.

Business processing modeling software from Trisotech – the Workflow Modeler – is used to produce a visual workflow using the international standard BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) via an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface. These model diagrams provide comprehensive documentation, analysis, collaboration, and reporting features recognized as the gold standard in the process modeling industry and can be used directly by the Trisotech business process automation software. Using Trisotech’s BPM tools and combining the Workflow Modeler business process mapping software with the Trisotech Business Automation platform gives customers an unrivaled, powerful, and comprehensive low code/no code application development capability.

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