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Bridging the Business and IT Divide

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The problem

Although bridging the gap between business and IT has been a topic for many years, the problem persists today. In a digital transformation era where business model innovation, new forms of customer engagement, and operational excellence are a must, the disconnect between business executives and IT is proving to be even more catastrophic than before. As information technologies become more and more part of every business’ DNA, we must ensure that business leaders and IT work together as one.

The Solution

To succeed, an open dialogue focussed on outcomes is required. Common goals and common languages must be established. Trisotech’s Digital Enterprise Suite (DES) discovery and modeling capabilities provide a powerful yet easy-to-understand visual notation. Based on international standards, DES helps you create a shared understanding of the organization’s strategies, people, capabilities, processes, decisions and systems.

Bridging the Business and IT Divide

This shared vision, expressed in a commonly understandable language, is the key to bridging the business IT divide.

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