BPMN Quick Guide


BPMN Quick Guide

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Standardizing our work should add value, not pain.

Good BPMN communicates the process logic clearly, completely, and correctly and it requires no technical expertise or skill, just a disciplined approach and attention to detail. The BPMN Quick Guide will help you achieve just that.

Get a plain and simple overview of the complete business process modeling notation.

The Quick Guide is broken down into several groups of different events, activities, flows, data, artifacts and more. BPM Glossary of common terms is also included.

Quickly identify the meaning of each BPMN symbol without going through the voluminous standard document.

Each BPMN symbol is defined, and given all variations making them easy to understand and retain.

Get the most out of the BPMN Quick Guide by using tools that are the reference implementation of the standard specifications.

Get FREE access to most of the features of four components of the Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite. Discover and analyze how things get done in your organization with the Discovery Accelerator. Model your business processes and drive process improvement initiatives using the Workflow Modeler. Model case-oriented knowledge work using the Case Modeler. Model business decision requirements and decision logic using the Decision Modeler.

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