Automation of Loan Origination using Process and Decision Services

The financial services industry has long sought a truly digital mortgage. Far too much of the industry still relies on manual, paper-based processing for tasks like loan origination. These deficiencies were highlighted during the pandemic when that reliance on manual processes created problems on top of those already experienced: lack of consistency, auditability, accuracy and efficiency. It is not an agile approach!

Learn how using the Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite (DES) allows you to visually define processes and decisions that are directly automated to streamline loan origination processes resulting in productivity increases internally and satisfaction increases externally!

As presented by:

Brian Stucky, Quicken Loans, Team Lead – Rocket Technology Ethical AI
MISMO – Residential Governance Board, Co-Chair Decision Modeling Community of Practice
and Denis Gagné, CEO & CTO at Trisotech.

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