BPM+ Virtual Coffee
Where to start from with BPM+ Health

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Denis Gagne, CEO & CTO at Trisotech

Our topic for today is where to start from with BPM+ Health. It’s meant as a general introduction to the BPM+ Health community of practice and where to get started. I’ve decided to tackle this from two different perspectives. The first perspective being a resource perspective, where I stratified the resources and how to get started based on different goals that an individual may have.

  • If your goal is for example to get some awareness of BPM+ Health, or your goal is to know what the benefits are to be a part of BPM+ Health, if you want to know how to read BPM+ Models, or your goal is to model for documentation purposes or to model for automation.
  • Based on the provided, if your goal is for awareness, then the BPM+ Health website is a good place for you to start. We also have the BPM+ Health Playbook. If your goal is more to know of the benefits of BPM+ Health, then on top of the website and the playbook, the BPM+ Health Field Guide is another good source that will give you an idea of the different benefits you can obtain, and different facets of benefits you can obtain from being a member of the BPM+ Health community.
  • If your goal is more specific about reading BPM+ Models, then I would recommend the BPM+ Health Field Guide as your resource.
  • If your goal is to actually create models rather than just read them (modeling for documentation purposes), I would recommend the Field Guide and some books that exist on BPMN, DMN and CMMN. I personally recommend the Method & Style books from Bruce Silver. There’s one on each of the standards, there are great reference books. Also, there are trainings that are provided by different training organizations on the topics.
  • If your goal is to actually create BPM+ Health Models for the purpose of automation, then I would recommend that training is your best route for going forward.

Naturally, this is not an exclusive type of list, but it gives you a little bit of guidance on where to get started with BPM+ Health, in terms of resources.

From a different perspective, looking at the different Workgroups that make up the BPM+ Health Community, again using the same kind of stratification of goals:

  • If you’re more interested in awareness and benefits then you may want to be interested in participating with the Ambassador workgroup, or the Adoption workgroup, or the Academic working group. Within these three workgroups, you’re going to be covering notions of awareness and benefits.
  • If you’re interested more in reading models, the Academic and the Authoring workgroup would be good places for you to get involved and attend the reunions, and regular meeting. If your goal is for modeling and modeling for documentation, then the Academic and Authoring groups are a good target for you.
  • If your goal is modeling for automation, then the Academic and the Automation, or the Process Automation and Enablement working group would be a good work group for you to get involved in or attend the meetings.

You noticed that the Academic workgroup, by definition of their role, are pretty much covering the full spectrum from awareness to automation as they are catering to the learning side of our community of practice. This is basically my quick introduction on how to get started with BPM+.

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